November 30, 2008

The BIG 3-0!

What exactly does it mean to be 30?
  1. You have had your driver's license for 14 years
  2. You have been able to vote for 12 years
  3. You have been able to drink for 9 years
  4. You have been out of highschool for 12 years
  5. You probably have been out of college for 8 years
  6. You're no longer in your twenties
  7. You've now entered the stage of "30 something"
  8. You're in between 20 and 40
  9. 40 is OVER the HILL
  10. You were born in the 70's
  11. You totally know all the lyrics to Vanilla Ice, Color Me Badd, Salt and Peppa, TLC, Tiffany, Milli Vanilli, Sinead O'Connor...cause nothing compares to you.
  12. You LOVED Fraggle Rock, Saved by the Bell and Smurfs
  13. You are pretty darn old....
Nichole.. did you know that you share a birthday with this guy:

Today my OLDer sister is 30! I can't even believe that she is that OLD! 30?! Seriously? By the time my mother was 30 she already had 3 children! Don't worry don't look a day over 28! I can't say 25 because I am 26, and I know you look older than ME! ha!
For those of you that don't know, Nichole and I shared a room from the time I was in 2nd grade...all the way up to the end of my freshman year in highschool. In our small little room, we had two separate phone lines, 2 small twin beds, 2 desks, a huge walk in closet, (that I often slept in), and a room full of videotaping each other lip syncing to songs, making mix tapes, watching scary movies.... I'm not going to lie... Nichole and did not always get along; however, the saying is true that your sisters turn out to be your closest friends. Throughout the years Nichole and I have oddly enough stopped fighting and somewhere along the way we have also developed a strong bond of friendship. A week doesn't go by where we don't talk, a day doesn't go by where we don't check each other's blogs, and an hour doesn't pass where we aren't thinking about what the other is doing. I am so completely blessed to be the middle sister... I have the best of both world's! I am the younger sis and the older sis! Both have their advantages...and Nichole I am truly thankful to be your younger (not youngest) sister. You have taught me more than you know. You are an incredible mother, amazing friend and a wonderful big sister! I love you more than life and I hope your 30th birthday is outstanding! Thank you for being who you are... with you, I have had laughter, tears, happiness, anger and a lifetime full of LOVE! I don't know many people who could have put up with sharing a room with me for as long as you did.... like I said, you and Walt are so much alike!! and hey, remember.. "if it wasn't for you.... I wouldn't have anyone to fight with!" and if it wasn't for you, my life would not be complete! I love you Nichole...Happy Birthday to the most wonderful BIG, OLD sister!

***Warning.... some of these pictures contain REALLY bad hairstyles... although, they were cool back in the day. Please do not judge any of us based on these hairstyles OR hair color. If you are going to blame anyone...blame the MOM! P.S. If you recall my computer crashed a little over a month ago... these are scanned pictures, or pictures from my facebook... I promise we have other pictures together*****

Turkey and Dressing with a little bit of Jack on the side....

Walt and I have just returned from 4 days in North Carolina. We were so excited to go...can't you tell? We had a fabulous time with my side of the family, (minus Spencer and Lauren...they weren't there) This was Walt's first time to see his sweet nephew Jack and boy did he have fun with him!Jack is the sweetest little man! He smiles all the time, he never cries and he is always the life of the party! He has changed SO much since the last time I was there! I can already see some of Nichole's personality in him and I love it! Walt and I arrived late on Tuesday night...and if you know Walt then you know that it didn't matter to him that JackMan was asleep...he had to wake him up! It was adorable.... I felt like I was watching a kid open a present on Christmas morning when I saw Walt with his nephew.

Wednesday, Poco and I bought groceries for the big Thanksgiving lunch, Nichole and mom took Jack to his doctor's appointment and Walt and Greg played golf... What did I just say?? Walt and Greg played GOLF? Yes sir...Walt played golf... only 9 holes of it... probably because he got so bored, but he did get his first ever PAR. Wednesday night we went out to eat a Red Rocks then came home and drank some wine and chatted. Me and momma before dinner at Red Rocks Cafe

Me and Sir Walter at dinnerJackMan just chillin'!

The family!!

Thursday was spent cooking....I don't think any of us even got out of our p.j's all day and it was great! The food was amazing, the company was even better and I was once again reminded of all the wonderful things that I am thankful for. We gave JackMan a bath, and played 31 on Thursday...didn't play too many rounds, but it was fun while it lasted! God has truly blessed my family and we are so undeserving of His grace and love. My sweet little man!

Bath TIME!Just call me Mr. Handsome!

Even Jack loves to play cards... takes after his daddy!!

Greg reading Jack his bedtime story

Friday was spent walking around downtown Charlotte. We even were able to tour Davidson was beautiful!! We then went to the Country Club and had great dinner, played some Taboo and even watched the BAYLOR BEARS win in basketball! We also celebrated Nichole's 30th is today... so you know I will be doing another post in honor of her!

Me and Jack shopping in Downtown Charlotte...I LOVE HIM!!

Me and Poco being silly on the campus of Davidson College!

Walt loves to jumprope on college campusesMomma, Poco and MeWho did I marry? Wait, this is why I married him...because of his body.. I mean because of his spontaneity..who does this? Still no words...

Just posing by a lamplightTrying to steal some kisses from JackManOh gosh...Jack his a mischievous smile like his Uncle... maybe one day he can learn some great things from Walt...Mom, Jack and GambiOne last hug before JackMan goes to bed"If I didn't have you, I wouldn't have anyone to fight with." hahaha!!Sisters before the game of Taboo Walt playing Taboo and Greg hoping that he can buzz him Just my 3 favorite girls in the whole wide world!!Happy "30th" Nichole!!All the grownups!!

YAY NICHOLE'S 30!!! Walt's gift to my mother... right before she went to bed

Needless to say, Walt and I were very sad when we had to board a plane to come home on Saturday....thanks for being such a great host and hostess Nichole and Greg... we love all of you and can't wait until our next visit! Give JackMan some kisses for us!