August 27, 2012

Girls first movie!!

Well, I have wanted to take the girls to a movie for quite some time now, but Walt always refused. He would always tell me the same thing: "The girls first movie HAS to be in Daingerfield, at MY dad's theater."
I totally understand that. I get it...the theater has been in his family forever.
But...I just haven't found a whole lot of time to go home this summer, and then the perfect opportunity arose.
I went home for a week, to visit my grandparents, and to see Lalee & Pops..
and it just so happened that the Morris Twin Cinema was playing Brave.
Perfect opportunity.
Eloise was so excited. She couldn't wait to go to Pops' work and get popcorn.
Here she is with Uncle Tucker right before we left.
This girl has the cheese down...
If I could now get her to open her eyes.

Daddy was beyond excited to take his girls to the show.
This was like the event of the season for us.
We had to get all dressed up for such a special occasion.

Such a classic picture.
Daddy with his girls,
standing outside of his grandfather and father's theater.

Eloise walked right up like she knew exactly what she was doing.
Seeing Pops behind the counter definitley gave her a little confidence and she walked right up there and ordered a ticket for "One for Brave, please."

Here comes the exchange.
Pops giving his granddaughter her first movie ticket.

Oh but Emerson had to purchase a ticket as well..
she just needed some help getting up there to actually get her ticket.

Oh Eloise, she was so excited.

Decisions, decisions for Emerson....
this girl could have eaten one of every candy available.

Pops decided the girls should get the infamous popcorn...
one for each.
These girls are getting the royal treatment :)

Now it's time to make our way up to the show.
Emerson is one lucky little girl, getting escorted in!!

The movie was a success for both girls...
Eloise never let go of her ticket, her popcorn, or her smile.
She had such a wonderful experience and I know she will now become an avid movie go-er!

and Emerson had a blast as well...
as you can tell with the m&m she is chipmunking in her mouth.
Thank you Pops for such a wonderful movie experience...

Until next time...