July 30, 2012

Par"tee" anyone?

Crazy for me to think that my little brother is about to have a baby.
I know he really isn't that "little" and I never really did refer to him as my "little" brother only because:
a. he really has never been "smaller" than me.
b. he is only 13 months younger than me...so we are more like the same age.
But still...MY brother, about to be a daddy?!
But...what a great daddy he will be.
Turns out my little brother is going to give me a little nephew.
We are all so excited.
The girls on the "Wilson" side of the family were starting to add up.
Nephews: 1 Nieces: 3
so...Spencer so graciously is trying to even it up a little bit.
Well this weekend, we threw the parents to be a little par"tee", because yep...you guessed it, it was a golf theme.
If there is one thing I have learned about being a hostess it is this:
You never get the pictures you want.
WHY? because you are trying to be a hostess, and entertain...and keep food refilled...and in my case...I was chasing around 2 munchkins because their daddy was on another continent at that moment!!
However, the party was a success...and it was fun coming up with all the the little golf puns...
"club" sandwiches, fruit "par"faits, peanut "putter" cookies, "chips" and dip, donut "holes in one", "sliced" veggies, "tee"rific cupcakes, the "watering" hole...oh it was fun!!
Unfortunately though...I did not get the pictures that I wanted...
heck..I didn't even get a picture with the parents to be...I took the picture from their facebook page.
I didn't even get a picture with my sister...or my girls.
But it was a great shower, for wonderful, deserving parents.
I just can't wait for September to get here so I can spoil that little one!!!
The parents to be
Doesn't Lauren look amazing!!!
and my brother is pretty cute too!

Little Emerson is quite excited that she will no longer be the "littlest" one on the Wilson side!

She's a ham..

This picture is hilarious...I had just asked the girls his question...
"Where have all the donut holes gone?"
They looked up at me with these faces...
and with their mouths FULL of donut holes..
Sneaky little girls.

Thank you Aunt Lauren for letting the girls help you unwrap presents!!

Oh and they HAD to have a "tee"rific cupcake!
Why we chose BLUE icing I will never know!!
Guess I wasn't thinking about my girls :)
but thankfully I was smart enough to take off their outfits AND take them outside before they dug in!

Oh this is yummy

Eloise turned to Emerson and said, "cheers!"

I'm guessing someone really liked it!

Emmy C loves Uncle Spencer...
I think he looks pretty good holding a baby!!

and..back in the town of Katy...
it is so darn hot.
I can't stand this heat.
I let Eloise go outside during Emerson's morning nap to play with bubbles..
but it seems as though all we can do in the afternoons is go to the pool or stay inside.
I am ready for FALL.
and maybe football. :)

July 23, 2012

My favorite time of day

Oh yes, it's been a while. But...with good reason. Reasons that I hate to even type about.
Walt and I went on a wonderful, wonderful vacation. We traveled with friends to St. Thomas, Barbados, St. Marteen, St. Lucia, and St. Kitts. It was fabulous...and
every day I long to go back...with my children, of course.
Why no pictures, you ask?
Oh...because when Walt and I returned from vacation, our computer was not working...turns out...our 2 year old computer...the hard drive crashed. COMPLETELY crashed...which means, NOTHING was recovered. Walt asked me why I hadn't backed anything up...I told him because our computer was only what, TWO YEARS OLD!!!
I was and still am, so sick to my stomach...we lost EVERYTHING...
pictures from BOTH girls birth...videos...birthday parties, my pregnancy...everything. It is all gone.
This was the only time I have ever heard Walt say, "Thank goodness for facebook."
So...if you are wanting to see anything that has happened for the most part of our summer...guess you will have to become my facebook friend.
I HATE it. But...that's life, I guess.
And...swallowing buying a brand new computer that I already have a love/hate relationship with.
I don't think Walt researched at all...I think he bought the first thing he could find.
Is it bad that after 2 weeks...I can already say that I HATE this new computer??
So...I haven't documented much since returning from the cruise....
We went and stayed with my mother for a week, and other than that...we've just been hanging out in good ole' RAINY houston.
But...I can't complain...
I have my little lovey, that is the complete opposite of her sister when it comes to the camera....
I mean, I pop that camera out, and this is what I get...
Yes, we were in a store one day, and the security guard said to me, "Oh girl...that baby has some chompers in her mouth." Yes...I know she has rather large teeth...but in all honesty...that is NOT what ANY mom wants to hear.
Thank you though...she might have large teeth...but she has a pretty contagious smile..so shut it.

And...I definitely have two toddlers on my hands...
Emerson is following Eloise around like a little puppy...
she wants to do EVERYTHING her big sister is doing.
I mean, she almost kills herself every. single. day.
I walked into their bathroom the other day before we left for a doctor's appointment...
and these two were all up in their sinks...

That is double trouble.
On Saturday, my bestie Sarah and I went and took the girls to go see the theater production of Goldilocks and the Three Bears at my church. This is one of the MANY reasons that I LOVE my church. They have so many wonderful things for children...the summer arts being one of them. I was a little unsure about Eloise sitting through a production for an hour...but she did wonderfully.
They were very interactive and Eloise is still talking about it.
Of course we took Emerson, but that girl..oh, she just wanted to walk around the entire time.
I bet next year she will be great.

and with it being summer...in Houston...that means it is SO INCREDIBLY HOT! So most of our nighttime routines have been spent jamming out to our favorite bands.
Here is Eloise, rocking out to Coldplay.
Her ultimate song is Paradise.
This is my girl.
Now, onto the title of my post...
while I was away on vacation, I missed my girls horribly.
I had never been away from them for longer than 3 days...
this was 9 days and NO talking, because we were out of the country.
As I got in bed every night and kissed their sweet faces on the picture frame, I thought about what I missed the most.
The answer that kept coming back to my mind is how every night Walt and I will go into both girls' room before we go to bed, and we will just look at them.
They are both totally and completely unaware of us staring at them, and I love it.
We are able to see them in their most innocent state.
I also cherish the look on their daddy's face while he sees his two precious girls sleeping.
Hands down...my most favorite part of every single day.
In those sweet, quick moments...I am able to feel the love that their daddy has for them...and I am able to look at them and reflect on the day, think about all of the amazing moments we have had together...and have a sense of out pouring love for two little souls that I never knew was possible.
Yes...walking into those two little rooms right before bed with my husband/their daddy...
that is without a doubt, my most favorite time of day.
and of course I had to snap a picture last night...and it totally reaffirmed how much they are completely unaware...neither one moved when the flash went off.
But goodness...watching babies sleep is something magical.

Well...I'm officially back.
and I know I will have much more to blog about soon.
A baby shower this weekend, NYC with my sisters and mom for my 30th...yes...blogging is back. IN FULL FORCE!