November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Thanksgiving 2007....

I love November and Decemember for 2 reasons:
1. It's holiday season
2. being a teacher I get to miss school for 3 weeks in 2 months time, it's great!
Walt and I headed back to Northeast Texas for Thanksgiving and we had a great time.

On Wednesday night we kicked off the "holiday season" by watching of Walt's favorite movies of all times. You know what Buddy says, "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!"

Walt and I have to split Thanksgiving because we live so close to each other, so Thursday morning we went over to my Nana and Poppy's house and ate lunch there, then we went back to his parent's house to eat more food and dessert. Of course Thanksgiving was fabulous because "the Boys" won again and T.O is still making catches. Thursday night the Bass boys and myself put together a gingerbread house...wait, I take that back... I put together the gingerbread house. Grey's Anatomy was on and everytime I left the room Tucker added something else to the house to make it even more interesting! I love decorating with him.
Here is Tucker decorating his gingerbread house:

Me and Spencer with Nana on Thanksgiving

The finished product!

Me and momma with our girls

Friday was fun because Tucker, Walt's little brother turned 10 and he had an "all boys" party this year. Walt and Preston were the coaches and referees for the flag football game that was played and that was fun to watch. It's so hard to believe that the first party of Tucker's that I went to he was turning 4. After Tucker's party Preston and Walt came over to my grandparents house to watch the UT/Aggie game and to just hang out. Nana finally broke down and had to show Preston her is Preston looking real interested! While we were home mom went through some old boxes and found her wedding dress... I so graciously offered to try it on..haha! Poppy of course is a LSU fan, and he is posing by the t.v. because he THOUGHT that LSU had won in the first overtime, come to find out....they lost in the 3rd over time to Arkanasas.
Here is the whole gang minus Tucker
Me with mom's dress on....
Poppy so excited because he thought LSU won
Preston looking real interested!

Saturday morning Walt and I left for home and it felt good to be home. Walt left Sunday afternoon for Lake Charles, Louisana. He will be there for 2 weeks. We love being with everyone for the holidays and we can't wait until Christmas.

November 16, 2007

I think I missed my calling in life...

I think if I would have become a hairdresser most everyone's problems would be solved. First question....why would your hairdresser let you walk out of the hairsalon with your hair looking awful? Can't they understand that if ANYONE asks where you got your haircut that they will lose business? Or can't they tell if you really do look bad just by looking into the mirror? I don't get it.

Wednesday I got my haircut and this was NOT my first time to go to my hairdresser. She asked me, "Do you want me to cut the front of your hair?" My response, "Yes, but not too much because it is a swing bob." Well...the next thing you know she has cut the front of my hair shorter than my chin and there is no longer a swing bob. I was mortified... and believe me I let her know it.

I think if I would have become a hair dresser everyone's problems would be solved, because I would NEVER allow you to walk out of the salon looking like an idiot... but apparently my hairdresser just didn't get it on Wednesday. Guess I won't be going back for my 6 week haircut... it's going to be more like 12 weeks.

November 11, 2007

Here's to you...Birthday Boy

So...Walt officially turned 26 today...he kept wanting to forget about his birthday because he claims he is old. Two of our dear friends came down to visit us this weekend and I think Walt might be right about the "old" part, but he surely wasn't the one that seemed old this weekend.

We did our normal "Tulsa stuff" on Saturday. Took the Jodry's to Utica Square and ate brunch at StoneHorse, walked around, showed the Jodry's around Tulsa, then ventured back to Owasso to watch the Baylor/OU game. (Yes, for a split second there we were saying things like..."If Baylor wins can fill in the blank from there, I am sure every Baylor fan has done that a time or two given the last couple of years we have had.)

Around 8:00 we decided to go have sushi at In the Raw in Tulsa. At dinner we had this conversation "Can you tell people you just graduated college if you have been out for 4 years?" Walt seems to think that you can, but I said to him, "Walt, that would have been like me telling people when I was a senior in college that I just graduated highschool, right?" I'm thinking that we are now becoming old...when you no longer know anyone at your Alma Mater, I would think this justifies for being "old."

Once we were done we all decided we would go to McNellies, an Irish Pub Bar. Everything was going just as planned...we had a great dinner go to McNellies and the boys were drinking. The next thing I know I look at Max and he is falling asleep...AT THE BAR! So we all decide that we should just go home and play some fun games there and we were all excited. Take note, it is about 10:30. We all pile back into the car and we are on our way home. (It is about a 15 minute drive from Tulsa to Owasso) I was driving home and in the midst of the conversation I hear what sounded like a snore... no, it couldn't be. So, I look in the back seat...and to my surprise Max had fallen asleep. I even slammed on the breaks as hard as I could going down my street and Max did not move a muscle.

Alright, so we are home now and Max has woken up....Walt and I let Max and Whit know we are going to go change clothes. When we walk out of our room Max is asleep on the couch! Poor man he must have had a heck of a week. Needless to say, at 11:30 the Jodry's went to bed and Walt and I stayed up just long enough to celebrate the official 26th birthday. Walt is the "oldest" one out of the 4 of us, but Max definitley took the "cake" on being the oldest.

Everything aside, we did have a great weekend and can't wait to see them again. Maybe next time we could go to a matinee and grab the early bird special at a local resturant :) Kidding...the Bass' love the Jodry's

Me with the Birthday Boy! Max falling asleep in the car

November 9, 2007


It's so nice to know that you have friends. Walt and I moved to Oklahoma more than a year ago and we have had many visitors....but I think the best surprise is when you get to work on a Friday and you get a call from your husband telling you that his roommate has decided it has been too long and he and his wife are coming to visit for the weekend. You know most people would freak out..."what about the house?", "we don't have any food!"...but not us, we are so happy that we have people who want to come visit. All I can think about is how I praise God for my friends. It is going to be a great Birthday weekend. Yay for friends!

November 7, 2007

Our Halloween Hottie

I find it funny that every other blog I sneak into has pictures of Halloween with their children. Here I am, sitting at my computer so excited to post Halloween pictures of my dog. Yep, that's right, Gracie Mae has completely taken over our lives. I never in a million years thought that Walt would be so obsessed with one thing, well, other than being obsessed with me of course, but he is. And I am so proud to post pictures of her from Halloween it is almost.....well...sad. Walt and I have only been married for almost a year and a half so we do like to think of Gracie as our child. For instance this past weekend his parents came into town because it was his dad's birthday. Well Walt's parents have a dog also, his name is Combo. Before Walt's parents showed up at the house Walt sat Gracie down on the bed and told her, and I quote, "Now Gracie when we go to lunch I don't want you up on the bed with Combo." And Walt was dead serious. I find it hilarious to listen to Walt talk to Gracie. If I even refer to her as something other than "our daughter" he is going to point out that Gracie is in fact just that. So how was our Halloween you might ask? It was great. Every child that came to the door fell in love with our little "hot dog", and to make things even more interesting Walt told the children that they could have her. Now if she is really "our daughter" why would he want to give her away?

Our little hot dog...Miss Gracie Mae