January 22, 2013

sweet moments

I've been experiencing some difficulties on my blog lately.
I don't know what it is...but I have not been able to upload pictures, and I have literally been trying to upload pics since last week.
So there.
Now that I have found a new way to upload pictures, I just decided that I would share a small part of my day with you.
As much as I complain about bath time, it really IS probably one of the sweetest moments of my day...
Two little girls who are dirty from eating dinner...playing together, laughing, hugging, stealing kisses...getting all squeaky clean...
Yes, as much as I often complain about bath time, it really is one of the sweetest moments of my day.
Probably should stop that complaining.

 I love how Eloise's pigtail hair stays put, until she gets it wet...

 Washing Emerson's face...
 and pretending to wash Emerson's huge head of hair...
 Those big brown eyes...
steal my heart every time...
 and that big smile...
how could it not make you smile back??
 stealing kisses
 bath time is so much fun
 and I just had to share this picture...
when I took this picture of Eloise on the right...I immediately though of the picture on the left..taken of her as a baby.
Where has this baby gone??
Love these sweet moments. 

January 2, 2013

Happy New Year

I know it has been quite some time since the last time I posted.
In my defense, it WAS the holiday season, and we WERE making a lot of memories and having so much fun!
I could have posted around 600 pictures...that would do our holiday season justice....but, I decided to make little collages, that I know are hard to see, so that my post wasn't overloaded with pictures. 
I have my top 5 memories from the holidays all ready to share
Santa Wonderland
Oh my goodness.
This place really IS Santa's Wonderland.
It is located right outside of College Station...if you live anywhere close to it, please go.
It was amazing...the lights are spectacular and there are so many activities for the kiddos.
Petting zoos, roasting your own hot dogs, smore's, Frosty the snowman, bands playing, Christmas movies going...it was incredible.
We WILL be going next year, without a doubt.
Surprising Eloise with tickets to go see The Nutcracker.
My sister and I went with Eloise, we took her on her own little date.
We ate at an Italian food resturant, and she was such a big girl.
She was interested the entire production, and next year we will be getting tickets a little bit closer.
It was probably the greatest thing I have done with her so far, as her mother.
Christmas Eve
I LOVE our Christmas Eve service...we go to a service where the children are allowed..
they have the children's nativity scene and every child received a book about the birth of Christ
Afterwards we started our own new tradition of eating at Papa's Brothers Steakhouse,
coming home, making cookies for Santa and reading Twas the Night Before Christmas
 Christmas Day
Christmas Day was spent with just the 4 of us, and it was wonderful.
We spent the morning opening up presents, we played outside with the girls' new toys, and then we had a fabulous dinner of turkey, mashed potatoes, cheese, salad and wine.
The girls favorite gifts were the Barbie Jeep, Eloise's helmet, Emerson loved her markers and coloring books (and her A-Z zoo) and the drum set.
 Christmas at the Bass'
We went home to Daingerfield the day after Christmas
We were able to experience snow, build snowmen, make snow angels, hang out with family, and just enjoy being together.
It was perfect.

New Years at my mom's
We left to go to Dallas on Saturday where we rang in the New Year with my mom.
My sister Poco and her fiance' and my brother and sister in law and sweet little nephew, decided to come up as well....we were just missing my older sister and brother in law who are in North Carolina.
We opened gifts, hung out, visited my grandmother who is in a rehablitation clinic doing physical therapy, and the older kids went out to dinner for New Years and rang in the New Year together. 
All in all we ended the year making wonderful memories and ready to start a new year making even more special moments.
I know 2013 will be memorable.
I can't wait to see what God has in store.