June 30, 2011

Spice Up Your Life

alright, i'll admit it...
lately i've gotten into the "momma" blog post.
you know where all you ever do is post about your kids because they really and truly are your entire world...
and yes, i know to some readers, that is if i still have any out there...my comments seem to really be dwindling...that can be pretty..well, you know
so, i am going to make a promise to you that even though i am still going to post about my babies...i promise from here on out that not EVERY post will be about my babies...
now whether or not you really care about what i am posting about...oh well...i can't help you out there.
so...i've decided that i will spice up this entry a little bit..
give you something a little bit different to read about
so from this point on...i will not talk about Big E and little e, well, in this post anyway...

i currently have several things that i am obsessed with lately...
thought it would be fun if i shared.

one of the things that i am currently obsessed with is the fact that these two people
(the one on our right is 90 and the one on our left is 79)

have joined the 21st century and actually have what we call

the iphone. yes... they do.
i love it.
i love getting random text throughout the day from them...and i love being able to send them pictures and text.
i, personally, think it is precious.

the bachelorette...
no, i am NOT obsessed with the bachelorette...
but, i am going to go ahead and admit it, i am obsessed with ames
oh i know, i know...he isn't cute...he looks like harry connick jr., but he is sooo charismatic
yes, i did watch the episode where he was knocked out...but honestly, i love the fact that walt hasn't ever been in a fist fight either...that is NOT saying that they are wussies...it is just saying that they are very mature, and that they honestly have good intentions.
ames is intelligent, he is sincere, he's funny, and he has a great head on his shoulders.
now , i know that she doesn't end up picking ames (thanks reality steve) but he really is a catch...it isn't all about looks now, is it.

currently obsessed with these burlap personalized pillows
this is what i want for my birthday and i purchased this for a newly wed couple as their wedding gift..i love it.
you can have your wedding date on there, your initials...what a clever idea

congress clothing
they make unique baylor shirts...
and i am currently looking for new shirts and outfits to wear for the upcoming season
i think this one would be perfect for walt...
can't you see it, with some tight white shorts..haha

but, i do LOVE this one
for basketball season
oh, so cute

who couldn't love andy cohen
i'll confess...i am a sucker for trashy t.v.
i LOVE it all...
but andy cohen makes it that much better
i dvr every single one of his "watch what happens live"
after the real housewives of "insert a popular metropolitan area here"
andy cohen is just flat out precious
love the show, love him
speaking of real housewives
my most favorite show is
real housewives of new jersey
(i used to like the new york one, but it is WAYYYY too much drama)
new jersey has a lot of drama,
but caroline manzo...
what a class act
i absolutely LOVE her
she always gives wonderful advice
she is a fabulous mother
a true friend
and she loves her husband like no other
sometimes i wish i could be her
she is the Queen of new jersey for sure

don't you love these shoes from anthropologie?
yeah, me too...i'm obsessed
i ordered them actually...
i was so excited that these shoes were coming in the mail and then i received an email...
my ordered had been CANCELED...canceled because they THOUGHT that they had my size in stock...
they didn't.
definitely ruined my week...
however, i am still obsessed with the shoes
i had already put together a cute outfit to wear with them...an outfit that my ever so fashionable younger sister would have been proud of...
oh well...
i guess it is back to mom clothes

if you haven't read this book...please go and buy it now
i literally could not put this book down
and i will be buying the book,
the adultery club,
to read next
i know, the title sounds awful...but like i said earlier... i do get sucked in to all the drama
not like my life is filled with drama or anything...

and lastly,
i know everyone is obsessed with the pioneer woman
i am obsessed with her
chicken tikka masala
actually, it isn't her recipe...it is her pastor's
ohhhh myyy goodness is it good
i'm talking melt in your mouth, you never want to eat anything else good
i do add a little bit more sugar to the recipe
but it's not like more sugar ever hurt anyone
if you are on a diet...don't make this...
but let me tell you...you are missing out

anything that i should be obsessed with, that i don't know about??
can't you tell that i am FISHING for comments...
i NEED to feel loved here :)

June 29, 2011

mid week randoms...

It's hump day.
thank goodness.
we've actually had some sort of play date scheduled every day this week.
so...last week, when i said things had been calm...i take that back.
but, i wouldn't have it any other way.
sometimes i wish i could go back in time and be able to use my imagination they way that children do.
i love being able to live my childhood over again through eloise's eyes.
she is totally content playing all by herself.
here she is...she closed the door and everything, did not want me in there.

we've been to the pool a lot.
people often ask me what do i do with emerson.
i just leave her sitting there, without any supervision.
oh, come on...you didn't believe that, did you?
if i am going to the pool, then someone else is there with me.
someone that will switch off with me so i can watch emerson and then play with eloise as well.
that someone is usually my saving grace, sarah.
here is emerson in her first, of many, bikini...it was still too big for her, but oh well.
i say it all the time, by oh my, those lips...so kissable.

on monday night we had a bachelorette party.
some girlfriends of mine got together to watch the bachelorette and we brought our children as well...no, we didn't end up watching the bachelorette.
but...the playdate was fun, and eloise slept until almost 9 the next day.
i love watching eloise play with other children...most of her friends are boys...and let me tell you...she can hang with the best of them.

and here is my little dumplin just watching momma cook dinner
she is quite possibly the sweetest baby in the entire world
all she wants is for you to talk to her, and she just smiles and coos...i know i've said that numerous times, but i just don't recall eloise ever really getting into me talking to her
but this little piece of heaven...she will melt your heart with her smiles...
i am completely in love with this girl

who knows what we have planned for the 4th...
but i know i will have more pictures of this cutie and of her sister to share.

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June 26, 2011

what a wonderful world....

hey you!
yeah, you...
we're sorry..no new post for the week.
things were pretty...well....calm.
so momma composed just a little sappy something, a bunch of repeaters
just so she could always remember me and big E as babies....
i see trees of green

red roses too

i see em bloom

for me

and for you

and i think to myself.....
what a wonderful world

i see skies of blue

clouds of white

the bright blessed day

the dark sacred night

and i think to myself

what a wonderful world

the colors of the rainbow
so pretty in the sky

are also on the faces
of people going by

i see friends shaking hands

saying how do you do

they're really saying...
i love you

i hear babies cry

i watch them grow
they'll learn much more

then i'll ever know

and i think to myself

what a wonderful world