May 31, 2013

Lauren's Status today

Dear Friends,
   Here is the recent update for my precious sister in law, Lauren Hughes Wilson.
The MRI results today showed that after the trauma to Lauren's brain she had many strokes. The doctors describe it as anoxic brain damage. They are telling us to be prepared if she doesn't wake up for months. Our specific prayer requests are that the swelling in her brain would go away and that new connections would start to form around the damaged areas of her brain.
Please continue to pray and have faith that God can heal her. Please share this with everyone you know. I truly believe in the power of prayer.
While praying, please pray for strength for my brother, Spencer Wilson, (Lauren's husband), while he has the strongest faith of anyone that I know, this is an extremely difficult time. Pray for Lauren's family and mostly for their sweet 9 month old baby boy, Case. Thank you, I will keep everyone posted, and God Bless.

May 29, 2013

My family needs prayers right now

Blog World:
It's been quite some time since my last post, but all things aside, I am asking for serious prayer right now.
On Sunday, May 26, my sweet sister in law went to church with my brother and she fainted. When she fainted, she ended up having a seizure, as a result of her fainting, she fractured her skull.  After doing a CT scan the results showed an epidermal hematoma. They performed a craniotomy on Sunday night around 7:30.  Lauren is in ICU, and she is responding to some verbal commands, but it is not consistent.  The doctors are hoping that she will wake up in the next couple of days.
Lauren is an AMAZING mother to my sweet, precious 9 month old nephew. She is an incredible wife, to my ever faithful brother, a compassionate sister, daughter and friend.
Right now I am just asking for prayer. Prayers that Lauren will recover, no matter how long the process takes. Prayers for my brother, as he is by her side day in and day out. His faith is something that I have always admired, and right now he is proving to be an incredible example of a faithful follower of Christ. Please pray for Lauren's family, her mother, her sister and all of her immediate family that is experiencing pain, heartache, and suffering.  Pray that we will remain strong, and that God will keep Lauren out of pain and heal her sweet body and spirit. 
I am just asking that you please share this with everyone you know, as prayer is powerful and right now, prayer is the one thing that we need.  
I can't even begin to write all of the wonderful things that Lauren does for other people in her life. So, I am asking that now we give back to Lauren, and do for her, as she has done for so many people.
She has the sweetest spirit, and we are all waiting for the moment to see her sweet face light up again.
Just please, take a small moment out of your daily life to send positive thoughts her way, lift her up in prayer, and remember this precious family. Lauren's journey is far from over, and we need everyone we can get lifting her up.


I can't help but always thing of David Crowder Band's song "Shine" The lyrics are incredible and it is exactly what I am wanting to say right at this moment.
Send me a sign
A hint, a whisper
Throw me a line
'Cause I am listening
Come break the quiet
Breathe your awakening
Bring me to life
'Cause I am fading
Surround me with the rush of angels' wings
Shine Your light so I can see You
Pull me up, I need to be near You
Hold me, I need to feel love
Can You overcome this heart that's overcome?
You sent a sign
A hint, a whisper
Human divine
Heaven is listening
Death laid love quiet
Yet in the night a stirring
All around the rush of angels
Oh, the wonder of the greatest love has come
Shine Your light so all can see it
Lift it up, 'cause the whole world needs it
Love has come, what joy to hear it
He has overcome
He has overcome
Please pray, for Lauren, Spencer, their son Case and their families.