October 30, 2008

99 Balloons

Grab a kleenex....I saw this on Oprah and wanted to share. This little boy is a pure miracle and the love that his father has for him reminded me of the love that our Father has for us. Thank goodness for love and for small miracles.
"Even before he made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in his eyes." Ephesians 1:4

October 22, 2008

Can you figure out the equations?




ONLY 23 DAYS LEFT until my face is happy again like the one up top!
(first equation: walt+home=me happy)
(second equation: walt+Indonesia=me sad)

October 21, 2008

What's the 6th picture in your 6th folder?

Alright... I've seen this on a lot of friend's blogs and on a lot of blogs that I stalk. Go to "My Pictures" and pull up the 6th folder and get the 6th picture... post what you land on:
Walt and I were going home to Daingerfield for Memorial Day 2007... obviously on the way home we stopped at our normal spot for ice cream... clearly Gracie couldn't resist either!
Now I encourage you to follow the rules and do the same... 6th folder, 6th picture... write about what was going on!

October 20, 2008

Weekend Update

Like I said in an earlier post, this past weekend was Oktoberfest. Word of advice....never agree to be the "DD" during Oktoberfest, because if you agree to do this you will realize that Oktoberfest is nothing but a bunch of people seeing how much they can drink. I'm not saying that Oktoberfest was not fun; however, when you are the only one making rational decisions...it never really turns out to be too much "fun" for you.
We started out on Friday night meeting a bunch of our friends at Tsunami. This is a sushi restaurant, a very good sushi restaurant I might add. We arrived at 7:00 with a reservation for 13. Approximately an hour and a half later we received our drinks. Needless to say, we asked for our checks and left. We then headed to a friend's house to eat Hideaway Pizza and then FINALLY head to Oktoberfest around 10:00. Walt and I finally got home around 1:00 with instructions to meet back at our friend's house the next day at 11:00 to practice for the "Keg Rolling Contest." Here are three pics I took from Friday night:

Walt with the DD!Obviously this guy was NOT the DD

So Saturday, Walt and I arrived at our friend's house to go over our strategy for the Keg Rolling contest. This contest is just like it sounds....you roll a keg. But MAN, do they have rules for this stuff! The team must have 6 people and 2 of them must be girls. You are allowed to use cotton gloves and baby powder and you CANNOT touch the keg with two hands, or this results in a 1 second penalty. Anyways.. you have to roll the keg 90 feet and switch off every 30 feet.

Clearly these two studs had already started drinking at 11:00 in the morning. They loved the fact that we got to use socks to roll the keg....

Now I am not a very competitive person when it comes to things like this. I obviously was put on the wrong team. This team of guys were damned and determine that we were going to win....and if we didn't win it was going to be the girls fault. Well...we didn't win....and I need to add that the girls were NOT at fault here. We made it passed the first round, but once we were called to the second round some of these boys had already had too much too drink. (please note, this was at 1:00 in the afternoon) So when we did the second round our keg didn't roll as nicely for the girls, when it was Walt and Matt's turn, Matt implanted his face into the ground, so by the time it was the last two guys turn, one of the guys just picked up the keg and ran to the finish line. The contest was extremely fun and once it was over I really enjoyed it!

The boys trying to discuss their strategy with the girls.
Walt after finishing his round. He kept commenting on the fact that his shirt was so tight... I just kept telling him his muscles looked great in it... (I was wondering though why his boobies looked bigger than mine.) Come to find out someone gave him a MEDIUM shirt...
The team and some of their fans....although we didn't win :(

Walt with Matt... you know, the one that I said did a face plant into the ground.....

The beautiful Tulsa and where Oktoberfest all took place.
We then stayed at Oktoberfest until around 4:00....came home, watched Wheel of Fortune and this is where my next story picks up, (it's short)
Walt and I are watching Wheel of Fortune (remember he's had a little to drink) it is the final round where the contestant gets to guess their last and final puzzle. This is what the puzzle looked like:
LE__ __ __

__ __ __ __ E T

Walt then proceeds to yell, " LINEN CLOSET!!" I looked at him and I started laughing... I then said... yeah because Linen closet is spelled with an L then an E! The answer was LEAKY FAUCET! I guessed correctly!
After Wheel of Fortune, we watched the Texas v. Missouri game, oh excuse me, we watched Texas kill Missouri.
Sunday I got up, we drank coffee on the porch, cleaned the house and mowed the lawn, then I took Walt to the airport. He is in Indonesia until the 14th of November. (I know tear for me)After I dropped him off I worked on updating my sister's blog and here was the outcome:
And to top it all off I woke up late for school today...I'm talking 7:15 late, (I get to school at 6:50 AND I live 30 minutes away) I HAD to wash my hair because I hadn't done it the day before. So..there's my weekend update.....Gracie and I are now just missing the man of the house!

October 17, 2008

100th Post

I know this is the 2nd time I have posted today, but I have been thinking for quite some time as to what Gracie should be this year for Halloween. You see, Gracie HATES wearing anything over her head, and she isn't really a fan of clothes. So I figured that I could make her a tutu and she could be a ballerina. I went with Walt to Hobby Lobby and we purchased some elastic and some tulle. I came home, measured Miss Gracie's waist, and sewed the elastic, then made the tutu. And Voila.... she is now a ballerina! Gracie felt much more comfortable in this than a shirt or a regular costume. I've been told I have way too much time on my hands... I don't believe this... I just think I love Gracie a WHOLE lot! Just think... if I ever have a girl someday, I can make her tons of tutus to wear with her onesies! How adorable is that??? So..my 100th post... is dedicated to my ballerina....

Fall Break?

I'm officially on fall break...but what is funny about this is that they give teachers ONE DAY off and they call this a break? I don't quite understand the concept here. But... I'm not going to gripe... I know that I get plenty of days off that other professions do not get. Walter decided that he would take today off also so we could be together. It's only 11:00, but the day has gotten off to a great start. We woke up this morning and went for a nice run...it was 36 degrees outside, then came home, drank our coffee on the porch and listened to the new Ray LaMontagne CD, Gossip in the Grain. If you love soul, mixed with a little jazz and blues, topped off with a raspy, yet sexy voice...this singer is for you. We have his other CD's...and this one is just as great.. if not better! I've added two of his new songs on my playlist. (over on the right) "You are the Best Thing," (my new favorite) and "Be Here Now" (amazing!) Walt and I are off to Wally World, then headed to Octoberfest...might I add that I will need to wear my NorthFace fleece, because it is supposed to get down to 40 tonight! YAY!
Drinking coffee on the porch...even got out my Halloween coffee mug!

Even on his day off...he can't stop working

Miss Gracie after her run

Gracie is exhausted!

October 16, 2008

25 things

Since nothing new has been happening around the house....i've been very slow to blog. Walt leaves Sunday for Indonesia for 4 weeks and this weekend is Octoberfest, so I am sure I will have pictures and something to write about. Until then....just a little more of an insight into my life. Copied this from several friends' blogs. 25 things that I LOVE:

1. The cool weather. We slept with the windows down last night and I got to snuggle up in the covers!
2. Dinner and a movie night with my husband...which is tonight!
3. Pansies
4. Watching my students finally understand a concept
5. Hugs from my 75 babies
6. nonfat, sugar free vanilla chai latte with no water (umm...thanks Poco!)
7. sitting on my porch, drinking wine
8. Gracie kisses
9. laughing with Walt
10. The familar smell when I hug my mother
11. Christmas holidays
12. Jack Johnson
13. Babies
14. Being able to watch my weekly shows (thank goodness for TiVo!)
15. Listening to Air1
16. Queso
17. Playing rummy with all of my family
18. Freshly mowed grass
19. Shopping....specifically at Banana Republic and Anthropologie
20. The Baylor Bears
21. Seeing all my Texas friends (& my one Colorado friend...ha!)
22. Praying
23. Christmas shopping in Kansas City
24. Picking up Walt from the airport
25. My Family

October 7, 2008

Before and After

All I can say is that Gracie got S-H-A-V-E-D! Hey.. I figured with her cut this short.. I wouldn't have to cut her again until AFTER Christmas! She's still beautiful though!

October 6, 2008

Nothing Special

You know fall is here when you are attending monthly meetings for this and that and the theme is to decorate a pumpkin. I've decorated two in the past 2 days. One for my mother in law for her school... this is a vampire pumpkin: (made our of limes, oranges and black foam)And when I attended my monthly Junior League Meeting, we decorated pumpkins today...so here is my other pumpkin:

I have to post this other picture. I've talked a lot about how Gracie is the ultimate tomboy. Anytime Gracie is outside roaming around she literally hops through grass...she doesn't walk like normal dogs, she hops like a rabbit. We were out in the pasture and this is a picture of Gracie in mid-air hopping...I know it is kind of hard to see, but she is in mid-air... I personally thought it was hilarious!
One last pic...we took a cute pic with our whole family this weekend and I wanted to share: