March 17, 2013

when you have an independent toddler...

hello there. it's me, Meredith.
long time no blog.
oh...i'll let you know why.
you see, I live in a household with 2 toddlers.
I have one who just turned 3, and one who is about to be 2; however, she is already going through that phase that everyone calls, "terrible twos"
Oh goodness is she going through it.
I'm talking if you do something that she doesn't like, and you make her does not matter what is in her hands, she will launch it across the room.
Hence the reason why I haven't blogged.
You see, this momma went over to a friend's house one night, and I kind of snuck out...
Well, once she figured out momma was gone...she was NOT having anything that her daddy was trying to do to calm her down. So, he sat her in front of the computer to let her watch one of her favorite you tube videos, "baby Einstein", and she threw the computer across the room and broke it. We originally thought she just broke the DC jack, and once that part came in, the computer store informed us that she did, in fact, break the computer.
Thank you for that, Emerson.
BUT...for three weeks I did learn a lot.
Walt and I were not on the computer every night once the girls went to sleep...we were paying attention to each other.
I realized that without the computer to rely on, I can focus on my children a whole lot more.
And not a bad thing.
I didn't have my computer the entire spring break, this was a blessing.
The weather was fabulous every single day, and I cherished every single moment with my children.
So, all in all...if it weren't for me wanting to document on my blog...I might just say, I am done with it all.
Ok...maybe I wouldn't go THAT was great when the computer was out of the house.
So like I said...the weather.
This is the time when you are happy that you live in Houston.
From March until May, Houston weather is pretty...well... perfect.
And then it all goes down the drain.
But, we are totally taking advantage and soaking it all up.
I think we have eaten outside every day this week.
And parks our on our every day agenda.
Daddy actually took off one day and spent the morning with us.
Here is that stinker that is so independent, I don't quite know what to do with her!
 watching the airplanes fly by
 she is a MONKEY.
this girl gives me a heart attack every single time we are at the park...
it is not normal for a 23 month old to climb the way she does...
and to not have ANY fear.
 my diva.
 daddy and the girls were trying to catch the "alligator" that they saw

 sand angels
 these two are best friends
and it melts my heart.

 I also had to post pics of a super fun Easter party that we were invited to.
Breakfast with Bunnies!!
They had a petting zoo there and bunnies that the kiddos took pictures with.
This party was so fun, and I have one child (Emerson) who is beyond obsessed with animals, so she pretty much was in her element, and stayed in the petting zoo part the entire time.
I can't believe that Easter is just around the corner.
Emerson and our sweet friend, Cooper swinging.
 This girl is a natural with animals...
she LOVED it.
 riding on the pony
 Woo go girl!! Look at her with her arm up!
 Best Friends since birth.
These two are two peas in a pod
It does not matter what other kids are at any party...
if they find each other...they never leave each other's side.
Carson and Eloise=BFFL
 daddy was sweet and took a lot of kids around on the pony ride...
he enjoyed it at first...
 But then he quickly started giving me "the look" like,
"How did I get chosen to do this job?" 
I was shocked that this sweet girl would even ride the pony.
Animals aren't really her thing.
I don't blame her one bit.
 In the petting zoo, and not leaving.
 Carson was trying really hard NOT to smile at the camera. Little stinker.
Cute little stinker.

He loved the pony
 Girl was with all her friends, and wasn't leaving.
 Little Cooper wanted a ride on the pony as well..
and he looks like he is about to show this pony who is boss!! 
 the sweet kids with the animals.
and at the party their was a photographer taking pictures.
She was able to get some really good ones of my girlies.

we had a wonderful spring break, with family visiting, perfect weather, and jammed packed days.
I have one baby with a double ear infection (even after tubes), who is on the mend, and another baby who all of a sudden has developed a 3 year old attitude.
Needless to say, my life is never dull...
and now that spring break is over...we are anxiously awaiting summer.
exciting weekend coming up...can't wait to blog about it!!