August 29, 2011

Adios Summer....

well...i'd say that it is safe to say that this last weekend was the last "official" weekend of summer.
i mean, i love you summer and all...but this year our relationship has been brutal.
i've always loved you...but this year, i hated you.
of course, i love the memories that we have created...but i am glad that our relationship is over...
ok, well we are taking some time off...
and i mean, it's not like i am so excited about this coming weekend....
not like Baylor football is kicking off in 4 days, 4 hours, 7 minutes and 10 seconds...
not like i am counting or anything.

but in all sincerity, summer...i do love you
and i will be happy when you roll around again next year...
i can't believe that last summer i had this...

and at the start of this summer i had a newborn...
who is now a beautiful "baby"
my how time really does fly. did we end our last weekend of the summer..
by going to the beach of course..
this is by far my most favorite picture...
and no, no pun intended here...ha.ha.
beach "bum"

we packed up on friday morning and headed down to galveston with the girls, my sister and our great friend, pat.
we spent the weekend beaching it...swimming, eating pizza, grilling burgers, going for a boat ride, running free on the beach...
such a relaxing weekend
E threw on the appropriate hat the second we walked in the cabin...
and after her snack, she was ready to hit the water

and me and miss em had some great snuggling time...
now that her medicine has really kicked in, this little thing is all about loving on you.
love this little miracle.

and what's a beach trip without eloise's best friend, miss gracie?
even though gracie hates the water...i'm talking terrified...
she was sweet and little eloise walk her.

just some highlights of the weekend

i decided since the dress was a target clearance special...
and since you are only little once...
i would let her run free and show me what being a kid is all about
this little girl LOVES the ocean...

poco and pat playing with the babies

of course poco's dog, riley, would LOVE the water...he was having the best time

playtime with eloise
yes, this girl slept well on friday night

it was so great to be able to spend time with my sis....
and what a big help she always is.
daddy having fun with eloise

oh riley i love you

Poco, Pat and Emmy C

eloise had to take a little break...but she was still all smiles on the golf cart..
and of course, her partner in crime was right there with her!
bottle time!

on saturday we got up and just went swimming for most of the afternoon downstairs at pat's pool...we even packed the swing along so emerson could be with her sister the entire time...
had to be fair! :)
ALL 3 of my girls...just hanging out!

after emmy c's nap, she decided it would be a great time to skinny dip...
i told was ok..but in 13 years from now, don't even think about it!

then we got on the pontoon boat and took a little ride..
eloise and aunt poco posing for the camera

daddy and e

aww...eloise LOVES her aunt poco...and all those kisses!!

don't worry, we were stopped in the ocean...had the anchor down, and we took her life jacket off so she could swim with daddy (the water was shallow) the life jacket came on the moment we started going again. is one of our co-captains...
Cpt. Eloise Betty

mid-day snooze...don't mind if i do!


Cpt. Burg & Cpt. Bass at our service

then we hung out at the pool some more...
we waited on the ice cream truck to pass by so Eloise could have a little snack..
here she is hanging out with the boys
she loves those boys

and of course we had to make one more trip to the ocean...
me and my sweet baby

pat was so excited about baylor football, he decided it would be best to teach eloise some plays now...

such fun

and the day ended with a movie with Pat.

summer, you were good to us...
but...adios... bring on fall.
we can't WAIT!!!

August 24, 2011

My view...

I've been so busy lately...I needed to step back and really appreciate all that i have...

from my view i see a child who knows she is loved

and who is very happy

a messy play room...
which means my children have had fun
they have more than enough

a little girl who is in love with a certain cartoon...
which means that she is growing everyday...
so i'm thankful
a bed that is made..
this means that my husband was out of town (i don't ever sleep in the bed when he's gone)
but..he is a provider

clean dishes...
we must have had a good meal

and a smile
before bedtime
i think from my view.. i'm living a pretty blessed life.

August 19, 2011

what the what?

seriously? summer has already FLOWN by...
and school starts
strange, but....i am not sad.
i really thought i would be sad,
i am not.
disappointed that i won't get to see my friends every single day...
disappointed that i won't be able to teach about the subjects that i love {reading, writing, Texas history}
but...i am not sad.
maybe because i have agreed to be the floating tutor at my elementary school...
which means i will be there on mondays and tuesdays starting at the end of october and going through april.
no papers to grade, no staff meetings, no "lesson plans"
just me, and a small group of kids
and my girls will get to play with other friends 2 days a week
perfect solution if you ask me!

i did want to make something for all my team members...
and i wish i could take credit for the idea,
however, i think the teacher goodie boxes turned out super cute...
here is one for my dearest friend

what the what?
the change is for a drink and a snack...
and the rubber bands are for recess duty...
you know, when you forget to put a rubber band around your wrist and you go outside for recess duty in the sweltering hot...
and all you want to do is pull your hair up..
oh wait.
only my teacher friends know about that

and in other
what the wha.....
this little lovey buggy turned 4 MONTHS old!!

she did just fine taking her 4 month shots...
but afterwards at home, we had a rough day.
poor baby. she was hurting.
at 4 months Miss Em
eat 6 oz. every 4 hours
still are sleeping through the night
are on some major medication for your acid reflux,
but after several weeks it seems to be agreeing with you.
talk to your sister like you would not believe!!
and you hold your head up so great! I love walking around with you!!
you absolutely LOVE bathtime and swimming
as the doctor would put it, you are "petite"
you weigh 12 lbs and 9 oz.---27 %
you are 23.5 inches tall--23 %
You truly are the sweetest baby
you make us all so extremely happy

ok mom, i will smile
is she going to do this every month?
crazy momma

this little, really quite big, girl is
1 yr. and a half {18 months}

at 18 months she still takes the paci...
its actually quite hard with her little sister around.
we FINALLY have her off the bottle
she takes 1 nap a day usually for 2-3 hours
has a lot of words she can say and her favorite phrase is now "thank you"
is doing very well in the potty training area...we hardly ever have accidents now
and she has even gone three times all by herself without telling me...i didn't notice until i kept wondering why she hadn't asked me to go potty yet only to realize that she had already gone.
has the most exuberant personality
loves her dog, Gra-CIE
can't go anywhere without her dolly and blankie
is OBSESSED with Bubble Guppies...she will sit still and watch the ENTIRE show..mesmerized
is quite the opposite of her sister...
you weigh 24lbs 2 oz--48%
you are 32.5 inches tall--76%
you bring us so much joy...
even though you know how to throw a REALLY good fit!! :)

just some things that i felt like sharing...
i stumbled across these and can't wait to make them for halloween they came from here

and i know friendship bracelets are soooooo 1987, BUT..
these are gorgeous...just might have to make some...found the tutorial here

and the more i find precious outfits and goodies for little girls, the more i realize i should really teach myself how to adorable are these? i can just see lil'e and BIG E taking something like this with them on all our roadtrips...fell in love with them from here
anyone want to make two for me?

i was reading a friend's blog and they made this ice cream sandwich casserole...
well, if anyone knows my darling husband they know that he WON'T eat casseroles...
i found the ONE casserole that he WILL eat.
so after looking at the recipe
i went out and bought all the ingredients...
PLEASE, go make this.
OH SO, i couldn't STOP eating it...
i mean seriously...
i found myself eating this for breakfast every day this week.

and what the what
is up with this Texas heat??
give us a break!
as much as we LOVE taking our walks
we do not like going out looking like this
only because when we come back in we are drenched in sweat...

i mentioned earlier that E LOVES her some bubble guppies...
well, this could be a sign that you KNOW she is a toddler...and you might be awful if she knows that after bubble guppies she has to go to bed, so you have secretly recorded several on your DVR, so you can play them anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour BEFORE that she goes to bed early...
no, i don't.
yes. i do.
what the what? :)

and just some randoms from the week...
here is my happy little love...
that smile just melts my heart.
every.single. time.

is she really already this big?
can she really already play in this?
time is going by tooooo fast.

and these two peas in a pod...
Eloise and Gracie..
they do not do anything without each other....
they are the TWO best friends that anyone could have

our week wouldn't be complete without a playdate with our favorite little man
Carson and Eloise are the best of friends...
and little do they know that their mommas are secretly planning their wedding.....
one can wish, right?

and daddy took a little time off work on friday to go with me to the girls' doctor's appointments...
thank goodness.
i could NOT have done it without him.
Here's a happy little photo of the proud papa
with his two little beauties
he's in for a world of trouble.

and i had to get a little snap of me and my little bug.
it's sunday about 4:00 here...
we are about to hit the pool...
while everyone else is getting ready for school....
we are going to have the pool all to ourselves...