December 30, 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy Tonsillectomy

I think it is safe to say that I have an excuse...a valid excuse for taking a short leave of absence from the blog. I had my tonsils removed 5 days before Christmas and I can say that I have finally recovered. I actually did receive a card from someone with the greeting as: " Merry Christmas and Happy Tonsillectomy!" I don't know if they have ever experienced a tonsillectomy before but nothing about it was happy. I can hardly say that my Christmas was "merry" either. Sure, I received lots of wonderful presents and was able to see family (that is another story) but watching everyone eat the food just about made me insane. On Christmas day I was able to slowly eat some mashed potatoes and top it all off with strawberry jello and that is about all the "Christmas stuffing" that I got!

My mother came to visit the day the tonsils were removed and that was nice. It is now safe to say that she finally understands why Walt and I are always on the go. I hadn't had my tonsils out for more than 3 hours when Walt already started in with the questions like, "want to go get something to eat? Want to go to the movies? Need anything from Wal-Mart?" He is a wonderful husband and was just making sure that I was happy and satisfied at all times (which every man should do), but the fact that Walt can't ever sit still for more than 10 minutes became so evident to my mother that it was almost hilarious. He was nice enough to take her to Utica on Saturday so she could last minute Christmas shop....they made it home in record time... I don't know if that was because my mother was with Walt (the world's fastest desicion maker) or if it was because she was with a man. We were then off to Texas for 3 days to celebrate the holidays.

The holidays always seem to be changing for my family. I think it is because we are all getting older and we live in different parts of the United States. It's so hard to adjust to changing the "tradition" that we had when we were younger, but it's all a part of growing up I guess. It's hard to believe that next year at this time Walt and I will have a new sister on my side, be an aunt and uncle, be expecting a new sister on Walt's side and no telling what other news will happen in our life. Christmas seems to be the one time that we can all get together...I'm just glad that next Christmas I will be able to eat the one meal that I dream about all year long.

To everyone that reads our blog... Merry Christmas and Happy Tonsillectomy!

Our new year has plenty of things in store for us... we will keep you updated!

December 10, 2007


I used to think Texas weather was crazy. One day it would be 80 degrees out and then the next day it would be in the 50's. However, since Walt and I have moved to Oklahoma we have realized that anything can happen with the weather here. I wouldn't say that we are experts on Oklahoma weather or anything but in the whole year and a half we have lived here we have experienced everything.
Let's see... the summer we moved here Bartlesville reported a record high of 117 degrees, last November Oklahoma issued their first ever blizzard warning and Walt and I woke up on a Saturday to 10 inches of ice with like 6 inches of snow. Then in January we had another round of ice and power was out all over Oklahoma for almost 2 weeks. Oh yes let's not forget that this past summer Walt drove to work and had to turn around and drive home because the entire town was flooded and now, here I am sitting at home on a work day because it has iced all over Oklahoma. Might I add that two weeks ago it was 78 degrees going to work and now as I look outside at the wintry mix that was left behind and it is a whopping 27 degrees.
Yes, I think Walt and I have experienced it all, and Gracie has too for that matter. We leave to go Christmas shopping on Friday in Kansas City and the high is 30.
I don't think I can say that Texas weather is crazy fact nothing is crazy about Texas.

December 4, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....'s the official Christmas card picture for 2007. This was after many attempts and after we looked closely at the picture we realized that the water Walt had split on his shirt did show up, but I don't think Gracie or Walt could handle any more picture taking time. So here it is... The Bass Family Christmas Card picture.

I really don't think mine or Walt's Christmas will be much like we thought it would be considering the fact that I just found out I will be getting my tonsils removed. I am so excited that I can't eat Christmas dinner I could almost puke and when Walt found out we wouldn't be able to leave to go home until late Sunday evening instead of the regularly planned Friday evening I think he was secretly wishing we could take two cars, until he realized that I won't be able to drive. So Christmas this year will be a downer, BUT I will be completely capable to look at all the beautiful lights, and let me tell you Walt can't wait to drive me all around T-Town. So I guess Walt and I will have the lights, the music (by the way if you haven't purchased Josh Groban's CD titled NOEL, do so now), the company and the spirit....just not the food.

This past weekend Preston and Ashley came to was a blast as always, so I will leave you with a small slideshow of the weekend.

Walt gets home from his 4 week stint in Lousiana Thursday and I leave Friday to attend my soon to be sister's bachelorette party and then next weekend we are going Christmas shopping in Kansas City. We will keep you updated on the events leading up to Christmas. Blessings!