February 1, 2013

this weather

Now that blogger seems to be back to normal again...thank goodness, I feel like I can blog about the things that are going on in our daily life. 
Eloise started ballet this fall, and she LOVES it.
These 5 girls have become some of her greatest friends...
now, if we could just get Eloise to be a teeny tiny bit more graceful....
And of course, Emerson can't wait until she can participate in ballet, next year, but for now...she enjoys watching Eloise perform every single Friday.
My sister is getting MARRIED!!
We were honored to be able to go dress shopping with her.
These two little girls had the time of their lives! Every time Poco would walk out in a new dress they would so..."OOOO, pretty!!"
Her dress is absolutely perfect!
Emerson loved getting to watch Aunt Coco try on dresses, and was a happy camper all day long!

The weather in Houston lately has been more like spring.
As much as I love winter, and the cool weather, we have totally been taking advantage of the beautiful outdoor weather...
days have been spent at the park... and sisterly bonds have strenghtened...

My girls were mesmerized by the whole inaguration, and sat and watched almost the entire program.
The really enjoyed the music.
Very interesting to think this was the first presidential inaguration...
4 years ago...they were only a dream. 
And, like I said about the weather...yes, totally taking advantage, but we are also totally taking advantage of Aunt Poco living so close.
We LOVE Poco living in the same town as us, and we try to see her as much as possible!! 

Best friends for life... 

Yes, and who really gets to eat yogurt, in shorts, in January...
one of the many perks of living in Houston. 
So those of you that know Emerson...you know that God blessed us with Dr. Doolittle.
I still can't quite figure out why she wasn't born an animal, because she is beyond OBSESSED with them...but we are glad that she is ours and we get to experience her love for these wonderful creatures.
We went to the zoo on Saturday, and the girls loved being there...
the weather, again, was perfect, and the animals were out and about...
Here is sweet emerson getting all excited about going into the zoo...
Yay...it's zoo day!! HUGS! 
Let's GO!!
Tickets please!! 
Emerson LOVED the meerkats...
Her facial expressions at every exhibit was priceless 

Me and my sweet almost 3 year old baby... 
These two girls are MONKEYS!! CRAZY MONKEYS!!
Eloise's favorite animal was the giraffe... and what a perfect picture!

and we can't go to the zoo without a ride on the merry go round!!

daddy is smitten by this little love bug 

and the petting zoo is always a hit.. 
Eloise loved brushing the goat's hair.

Just taking it all in... 
and then it was time to go home. 

 We've been busy lately...but a good busy. Just enjoying our family time, and experiencing life through the eyes of our girls. I am getting ready for a girl's trip next weekend... Walt should have the time of his life watching his two girls...ALONE! haha!!