June 23, 2008

Needs Improvement

Well... Gracie went in today for her yearly check up and according to her veterinarian, Gracie....

Needs Improvement.
Does this mean that Walt and I are awful parents? I have really questioned this "needs improvement" and I am still going over the paper work as we speak.
How should I put this... Walt and I are slightly obsessed with Gracie..by slightly I mean that we go on vacations and sing songs about her, Walt takes a book I made for him every time he leaves and it is pictures of me and Gracie together, we always throw her a birthday party, WITH her own cake.. and we even take time to celebrate this even though her BIRTHDAY is on CHRISTMAS, (Hence the name Gracie Mae NOEL Bass...she's a Christmas Baby), Gracie has a house sitter when both of us are gone, if we cook chicken for dinner, by golly we are going to cook a 3rd piece of chicken so Gracie can have some, we won't stay in hotels unless they accept dogs...there isn't anything that Gracie doesn't get. So this whole "needs improvement" thing really threw us for a loop.
There were 12 different areas that Gracie needed to score excellent in and Gracie scored excellent in 10 out of 12 areas. So.. I got out my trusty teaching "easy grader" and compared it. If I had given a student a test and they score 10 out of 12 right, they would have made an 84, this is a solid B in my book and that frankly does NOT qualify for "needs improvement." Sure.. out of excellent, good, and needs improvement I would have marked "good," but NEEDS IMPROVEMENT.
Now, I am going to be like any normal mother would be and tell you what 2 things she scored poorly in......
The Mouth, Teeth and Gums area:
She has tartar and inflammation (sidenote, this is NOT uncommon in Yorkies... Yorkies are known to have some of the worst teeth)
Anal Sacs (Yes, I typed that)
They seemed to be full or hard.
Now this is the part I am mad about. When I took Gracie in this morning I SPECIFICALLY told them that she needed to have her anal glands squeezed (yes, I wrote that too in my blog)
So.. if I KNEW that this needed to be done, and I paid them $16.80 to do this.. WHY would you tell me that she is in poor health because of this? Wasn't I completely aware of this?
I would just like to say that on behalf of Walt and myself.. we take EXTREMELY good care of our dog and there is NO WAY that she "needs improvement." How could you tell me that this face right here is anything less than perfect? Personally, I think Walt and I are fabulous dog parents.

Seriously? THIS face "needs improvement?"
Gracie's 1st birthday cake.. see we go all out
Gracie's 2nd birthday cake that she shared with her cousin Riley and Aunt Phoebe

June 20, 2008

Calling All Blog Readers....

I recently came across one of my friend's blogs and she was asking everyone who read her blog to comment. I decided that this was a pretty good idea and I am going to do the same. I would really like to know who all is reading the BassFamily blog. I don't care if you are just a blog stalker, (it's ok... I do it too), if you read my blog daily or if this is the first time you have stumbled across my blog. If you would please comment...let me know how you found my blog, or how you know me, I would appreciate it. Now.. I tell you... I am going to be really upset if I post this and I only have like 5 or 6 comments...come on.. I am calling all blog readers to leave a comment on my blog so that I know who is blogging with the bass'! If you don't know how to comment (Momma Bass), click on the comment button at the end of this post and then you can leave your comment and name. Please don't make me regret doing this... I want to see some comments here people!

June 19, 2008

Rain, rain go away.....

I can't believe that Tulsa has received SO much rain! The weather patterns in Oklahoma are crazy! We have received 36 inches of rain since the new year and this could be setting the stage for our wettest year since records began in 1895. The rain that fell on June 16th set a record for 24 hour rainfall on that date. The old record was 2.09" set in 2004 and we received 2.14". Gracie wouldn't even go outside to go to the bathroom the other day because our backyard was a swimming pool AND it was filled with mosquitos! Thank goodness Walt came home just in time to use some spray to kill the pesky bugs. I am sick of the rain and ready for it to go away. Although I am seriously considering investing in some
fashionable rain boots. Rain, rain.. GO AWAY!

June 17, 2008

Mrs. Smell Good Reader Who Loves Poco

Quite the title huh? I promise once the blog is finished you will understand why I put such a long title.
I've been kinda rushed lately. Once I got home from Nichole's house, I left the next morning for Dallas to visit my sister... so I feel as if I have left some loose ends and I must blog about them to all of my blog readers... (I know that isn't a whole lot, BUT I still feel as if I should write what is on my mind.)

When I went to Nichole's house every time we got into her car she would ask me what I washed my clothes in. She loved the smell! I wash my clothes in two separate detergents. I wash all of my regular clothes in the Tide detergent.. it's the simple pleasures and it is purple like this:
I love it! It smells so good; however, I do not use this detergent for my sheets, towels and whites. I really like for my sheets to smell nice and clean when I get in bed at night and I LOVE for my towels to smell so fabulous when I wrap up in them after I shower. (and since Gracie sleeps on my bed she is always smelling oh so fabulous!) For any of you that are in LOVE with Tyler Candles, (and who wouldn't be) you MUST try their Glamour Wash! OH MY GOODNESS...it is amazing! I especially love the scent "Diva". I couldn't figure out what Nichole kept smelling, but then I remembered (on my flight home) that I had put my NorthFace fleece in her back seat, and I had washed it in the Glamour Wash...this is what she was smelling every time we got into the car.
For any of you wondering where you can order this... click here: http://www.tylercandlesonline.com/
So...that's the smell good part.
Now onto the reader part. I love reading children's books. I guess it is the teacher in me, but every summer I try to catch up on some novel reading, so when parents ask me what books their children should read, I actually have something to tell them. Also, this year I will be teaching different novels (more on why in a different, later post) so I knew that I needed to become familiar with the novels before teaching them.
On the plane ride back home from North Carolina I sat next to a very sweet old lady. I opened up my current novel and started reading. She looked at me and said, "Well...ha! That looks like a children's book! Why would you be reading that?" I then proceeded to tell her why and she was very interested in what I was reading.
At the moment I was reading the very last installment of the "Peter and the Starcatchers" series. The librarian from Ator (where I taught my first year in Oklahoma) suggested this series to me and I can't put them down! Thanks G! I read "Peter and the Starcatchers" last year on my way to Greece, then I read the second installment "Peter and the Shadow Thieves" when I got my tonsils removed and I now finished "Peter and the Secret of Rundoon." These books are awesome! They talk about how "Peter Pan" first came about and how Neverland, Captain Hook and even the alligator all fell into Peter's life. It is a great read for students that are reading around a 5-6th grade level. I have also read two other great books this summer for kids. "Granny Torrelli Makes Soup" and "The War with Grandpa", are both super fast reads and the books teach wonderful life lessons. I can't wait to introduce these novels to my 4th graders. (Maybe now you have figured out why I had to read new novels this summer? If not, I promise I will post why later.)

There's the "Reader" part.
Now I just got back from a 5 day stay with my little sister Poco and how could I not blog about her? I love going to visit Poco. Every time I am there we have so much fun together. We went shopping, ate ice cream, she took me to eat my first ever sprinkles cupcake (OMG!), she made me run in the 100 degree heat at 4:30 in the afternoon, we went out to dinner...it's just always fun girl time. I talk all the time about how lucky I am because I have such an incredible family, but it's SO true! Poco and I can share everything and I love that about my sisters and brother. I miss Pokie already and can't wait to go back. LOVE YOU POCO!

Now.. I have to get ready for Sir Walter to come home... he'll be home until AUGUST! So.. I am patiently awaiting the return of my man and so glad he will be here until then... so... signing off...
Love You All,
Mrs. Smell Good Reader Who Loves Poco

June 16, 2008

Happy Belated Father's Day!

It seems as though I am always a day late, but I have an excuse... I'm not at home, so I wasn't around my home computer! I retrieved this pic from the internet, so I feel bad that I don't have one of dad and Walt...but dad, Walt and I both want to say, Happy Father's Day! You truly are the most amazing father and we are the luckiest kids in the world! Thank you for always being there...we love you!

June 11, 2008

A-U-N-T-I-E "M"!

This is Auntie "M" here...just returning from 5 glorious days in North Carolina, where I finally got to meet my precious (insert any other adjective here that would describe a baby) Jack Man! Nichole and Greg are amazing parents and Jack is just the cutest baby I have ever seen! Of course, Nichole and Greg are still trying to adjust to Jack's schedule, but he seriously is one of the quietest babies I have ever been around.
This was my first time to travel to North Carolina and although I didn't get to see a whole lot of it, ( I was way more focused on my sweet Jack) I absolutely loved what I saw! We went out to dinner two nights I was there and the food was great, and one day we went to brunch and that was amazing also! If you can't tell I had a
But what I really enjoyed though was being at home with new mom and dad and Jack. I cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner, watched some t.v. and even let Nichole and Greg catch up on a little bit of
their sleep while I watched Jack. (Of course I had to BEG Nichole to go take a nap because she just didn't want to leave him...and what good mother wouldn't?) I let Nichole know that by the time she got up from her nap Jack had already spoken his first words, smiled at me, started walking and even told me that he loved me!

I am so incredibly lucky to have such an amazing family....Momma was there for 4 days and we caught up on a lot, Nichole and Greg were meant to be parents, and now I am off to visit Poco for 5 days in Dallas!
I think I am on a high...an "Auntie" high! I have the most handsome nephew around....Jack Man and his Auntie "M"!
I am already planning another trip back so I can see the Graham Fam! Love all of you!! xoxox

June 7, 2008

I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane.....

Today is the day I have been waiting 9 plus months for... I get to meet my baby nephew Jack! I am so excited that I woke up at 4:30 and I haven't really been able to sleep since then. Let's just hope and pray that American Airlines does something right for once and gets me to my destination ON TIME! My track record with them is not good! Get excited, because I will post some extremely adorable pictures when I get back. And once I'm home from North Carolina...I'm headed to Texas to spend some much needed quality time with the lil' sis! Oh the Joys of Family and of SUMMER!

June 5, 2008

When Walt's Away

When Walt's away knowing that I get to come home to this everyday........makes it all better.

She is precious and I have no problem admiting it!

June 2, 2008

And They Lived Happily Ever After......

Happy Two Year Anniversary! (Today is June, 3...everytime I hit publish post, it says June 2nd..I know when my anniversary is!)It's so hard to believe that two years ago Walt and I were married. I can hardly imagine how my life was without him in it...more less without him being my husband. Our wedding was the most perfect day...and by far the most fun we have ever had! We were surrounded by family and friends and it was everything we could have ever asked for. The reception was just the way we wanted it...THE ULTIMATE DANCE PARTY! We danced from 8:30 at night until 2:30 in the morning...and that was with me and Walt sneaking out because people were still dancing!
Being married to Walt has been a complete adventure. Who would have ever guessed that we would have gotten out of the "Baylor Bubble" and made some pretty incredible friends? Walt and I both thoroughly enjoy our work and being "away" (would you call 4 hours away?) from family has allowed us to grow as a married couple. He still surprises me, he prays with me, he is my anchor, he is a FABULOUS tour guide, and he is honestly my better half. I love doing yard work with him, love going on picnics, love watching movies with him, love talking to him on the phone when he is WHO KNOWS WHERe and I love just being with him...isn't that what being married is all about? Here's to many more anniversaries...and being lucky enough to find you when I did...because my forever started the day I said "I do." I love you!

Me with my fabulous Maid of Honor...Mrs. Katie Hill Oh I was about 10 seconds from walking down the aisle and becoming Mrs. Walt Bass Jr.

With Rev. Dawson

Some of my girls that were there

All my bridesmaids
I love this picture of Walt... it shows just how much fun he was having!

Yay for being married!
Poppy cut in on the first dance! How precious is he!?

June 1, 2008

My own personal Santa Claus

Walt left today to travel to Northern Alaska. He is basically going to be located at the north pole. This is the northern most point of Alaska and this where he is headed. So, my Walter Bass is going to be my own Santa Claus for the next 18 days. (maybe he will run into ole' Saint Nick while he is there.) I decided I would look up the weather just so I could see what he is getting himself into. I mean the hottest "high" here for the next 18 days is going to be 96 degrees. The lowest "low" will be 66 degrees. As for Walt in Barrow, Alaksa he can hope that the day he leaves it could quite possibly get up to 61 degrees, but he better bundle up because tonight the low is 29. This is not an audit that I am jealous of... think I will just be happy that I am staying here enjoying my hot, sun shiny weather!