June 30, 2009

Here's what I think.....

I love Jillian, but I want to know what she is thinking picking Wes every time?!?! She better get rid of him next week or else I might just call her crazy. I hope as she is watching this now she realizes what a jerk Wes really is.

June 27, 2009


Hello Blog World! I am back!! Whew, what a whirlwind these last 3 weeks have been! Let's see...I went to London, came home on the 23...drove to Houston on the 24th...interviewed for a job on the 25th, got a job on the 25th...and then made the 9 hour drive back to Owasso on the 25th for a doctor's appointment on the 26th! So...what did I do yesterday? Nada. I. layed. on. the. couch. That's it.

When I left for London I left with two of the Twilight series books. One of my parents gave them to me and wanted me to read it. I thought, seriously? A book about vampires? Yeah, right. Not gonna happen for me. Well...I was wrong. It wasn't that I was "obsessed" I would look down and notice that I just read a 100 pages, so why not read more. Right? So...while in London, I read the ENTIRE Twilight series, AND I read My Sister's Keeper. Poco and I decided that we would read it, and then go see the movie together. Talk about a tear jerker. I woke up early every morning just so I could read.

So...how was LONDON? 4 syllables...In-Cred-I-Ble. incredible. Not only did the Tube go on strike for 2 days, I saw three shows, went to high tea TWICE, ate at FABULOUS restaurants, and bought several things in store where everything was 5 pounds...everything.

Clearly I can't upload all 237 pictures that I took onto my blog. You would be scrolling down forever...so I picked my top 100 and made a small slide show. I will however, tell you what I did every day I was there. This is more for my sake, so when I go back into my archives, I know exactly what I did.

Mon. June 8--Arrived in London at 9 a.m., got to the hotel, was woken up by a freaking fire alarm the second I went to sleep. NICE. Ate dinner at The Victoria Pub.

Tues. June 9--Hung out with Walt's Boss' Wife, Jan. We went to Harrods and had High Tea at Harvey Nichols. That night Walt and I ate at Masala Palace (Indian Food) obviously I ordered something I was highly allergic too...my stomach broke out in whelps.

Wed. June 10--Toured Kensington Palace with Jan and one of my good friends Jill. Went to Nando's for dinner.

Thurs. June 11-Toured Westminster Abbey with Jill. This place is amazing! Walt and I watched all of the seasons of The Tudors before we left (if you haven't watched this...RENT IT) and to be able to go through Westminster Abbey and know that Henry the 8th, Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth were there....I can't tell you the chills that I had walking through. We spent 4 hours in there. Walt and I went to Gaucho for dinner to celebrate our 3 year anniversary.

Fri. June 12--Went back to Harrods with Jill. Walked around Oxford street all day. Went to the National Gallery with Walt, Jill, Shea, Chris, Jeremy and LaToya. Went to A-S-K for dinner (great Italian food) then went the Mahiki bar and stayed out till 3 in the morning!

Sat. June 13--Portobella Market (in Nottinghill) with Walt, layed in the sun at Hyde Park. Ate at a GREAT Thai restaurant inside the pub Churchill Arms.

Sun. June 14--Walt and I went to church at Westminster Abbey. Imagine the ALL BOYS CHOIR singing...angelic! Walt and I toured the Imperial War Museum and the Churchill Museum and Cabinet War rooms. This was where Winston Churchill and his cabinet stayed during WWII...completely hidden underground. Ate a Nando's for dinner...amazing chicken restaurant. I had the grilled portobella wrap...I ate this 5 times I was there.

Mon. June 15--Changing of the Guards with Jill. Toured the V&A museum....went to the "fashion" exhibit and was able to see how fashion has evolved over the last 200 years. Ate at A-S-K with the whole group.

Tues. June 16--Toured St. Paul's Cathedral with Jill. Went to High Tea at the Wolseley with Walt. Went to see MAMA MIA! Most amazing musical ever! Walt LOVED it....and was still singing the songs ONE WEEK after we went. He might have even said that he wants to rent the DVD when he gets home today!

Wed. June 17--Jill left. Just kind of laid low. Read a lot. Went to a Moroccan restaurant for dinner with the gang.

Thurs. June 18--Shopped all day long with LaToya. Went to Nando's for lunch/dinner. The group went to see WICKED!! (Thought the New York production was better.)

Fri. June 19--LaToya and I met the audit group for lunch. We ate at some Indian restaurant that was really good. We then all went to the "London" Bridge, had dinner at Gaucho's, then spent the rest of the time, walking around London.

Sat. June 20--Natural History Museum with Walt. Nando's for Lunch. Went to see Peter Pan in Hyde Park with Walt...so good. Went back to the Thai restaurant inside the pub Churchill Arms. Went to a fun wine bar with Walt, Chris and Lindsay called The Botanist.

Sun. June 21--British Museum, British Library (where I got to see the Magna Carta!) and Camden Market with Walt. Dinner at Biagi's with Walt, Chris, and Lindsay.

Mon. June 22-Finished Eclipse (the third book in Twilight) Walked around London ALL NIGHT with Walt...went to eat Nando's for dinner.

Tues. June 23--Read the entire fourth book of Twilight on the plane home. THE ENTIRE BOOK.

So...needless to say...I had the time of my life, yes, I was exhausted and Oh yeah...I did rent Twilight last night and watch it. I've turned into "that girl." Walt gets home today....we move on the 7th and will be in Houston on the 10th! I have a lot going on in the next couple of weeks! But...it feels so good to be back in Blogland!

June 5, 2009

Closed...until further notice

Sorry guys...my blog is going to be closed until further notice. I am leaving tomorrow for vacation! I will surely try to post while I am there, but if it doesn't happen know that on June 24, you can expect a big, long, detailed post! I'm hoping to come back relaxed, refreshed, and ready for our big move on July 6th! Cheers!

"The world is a book and those who don't travel read only one page."
~ St. Augustine
"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do, than by the ones you did. So, throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."
~ Mark Twain

June 3, 2009


2 things...

1.) Today is an equation 06+03=09

2.) Today I have been married for 3 years! Happy Anniversary to me! and to Walt of course! The day I got married was the day that the greatest man was taken off the market! I am the luckiest girl in the world and I love him so much! God has truly blessed me.....and I guess he has blessed Walt as well! :) HA!

June 1, 2009

This can only mean one thing......

Oh goodness....is that a for sale sign that I see? Is that a For Sale sign outside of this house:

That's right!! We are selling our house....but why are we selling our house? Could it be because we are MOVING TO TEXAS??? Oh yes... you see, Texas missed US and we missed Texas. Walt has been transferred and we will be living in Houston! We move in a month. We can't wait to go from this

to this:

I can't tell you the excitement I feel knowing that I will no longer be looking at this flag outside of my work place

I will now be looking at this one, blowing so beautifully in the wind....

I will be leaving Sooner Country

and actually be returning to a place where people support OUR BAYLOR BEARS

Now of course Walt and I will miss several things about Tulsa....(take note I said TULSA, not Oklahoma) We will miss Stone Horse, Garlic Rose and my wonderful hair salon.....

But we do have La Madeline and Central Market to make up for it!

Walt and I are so excited that we will be finishing a chapter and starting a new one.....Walt will no longer be doing International Audit...he will now be an Economist for ConocoPhillips...so that means that HE WILL BE HOME!! I've packed my classroom, and now we are about to venture to London...and when we come back home....we will make TEXAS, HOUSTON TEXAS our new home!