April 29, 2011

A change....

Obviously the Bass family has gone through some major changes over the past couple of weeks. Adding a new precious love into the mix makes things hectic and wonderful all at the same time. We've also added another huge change that has taken me some time to grasp. Over the past 7 years all I have ever known is teaching. It's what I'm good at. It's where I feel the most comfortable. However, after Walt and I learned that we were expecting another miracle we knew that it wouldn't really be in the best interest of our family for me to continue working full time. I had planned to work part-time, but with all the budget cuts that Katy ISD has had to do, that plan fell through. So...after a lot of praying, many conversations, and knowing that my family is my number one priority Walt and I decided that it would be best for me to stay at home. While I am so excited about this opportunity, I am also scared. How blessed am I to be able to be with my two little ones every day? Temporarily leaving the teaching profession has been hard to come to grips with. I don't think it would be so hard, if I wasn't leaving such an incredible group of teachers. I LOVE my team. They have been there for me when my family was far away. God has truly blessed me with their friendships. Am I still going to hang out with these girls, yes. But...not being able to see them everyday...it hurts. While watching The Office last night, Michael Scott said it best, " The people you work with....well, they become your best friends." And that is exactly what they have become to me. Of course I will miss the kids, and all the creativity that comes with teaching...I will miss them dearly. But, I am so extremely thankful that I am in the situation to where I can watch my babies grow every single and not miss an instant. This is going to be a new challenge for me. But...how can you not be happy knowing that you get to spend the day with these two precious babies?

April 26, 2011

Happy 1 Week Emerson!

I can't believe Emmy has been with us for 1 week, already! We now can't imagine our lives without her! With Eloise I took monthly pictures by her frog to see how much she had grown. A while back my mom sent me an email of a lady who created a scene with her baby. I knew right then that this was what I wanted to do. We will see how long little Emmy cooperates with me...but, this was SO fun! Happy 1 week Emerson...this week has been a breeze!! (probably because of all my help!!)
We love you!

April 24, 2011

Long post, but worth it....promise!

Well, that right there was our last family picture of 3.
My blog is for me to document my life as a wife, mother, daughter and friend. So, if you really don't want to read all about Emerson's arrival, and our happenings over the past week, you can just scroll down to the pictures. So...take it as a warning...this is a LONG post. I won't be offended if you just scroll down.
I went to the doctor on Monday, April 18th. After leaving Dr. Peterson's office I was officially depressed. I was still 4 cm dilated and 80% effaced. No change. It's not like I thought that I was going to be pregnant forever, but a part of me really wanted to experience "labor." With Eloise I was induced. That was nice...but I wanted to know what it felt like to experience the contractions, to rush to the hospital...to be surprised.
So, I went home on Monday and made dinner. Around 6:15, I started having stronger than normal contractions. I really didn't think anything of it...I've been having contractions forever. Well around 8:00 they started to get really strong. I kept telling Walt that I thought this might be it. But, I didn't want to be that wuss that checked into the hospital and then they sent her home. So, I called my friend Sarah and told her that if I were her, I would pack her bags to come over so she could stay with Eloise. I made a phone call to my doctor and she told me that I needed to decide within the next 30 minutes what I was going to do because if I went to the hospital she would not send home. Well, after 30 minutes, and even stronger contractions I told Sarah to come on over. I called my mom and told her this was it. She hopped in the car. Walt couldn't get a hold of his parents, who were at Tucker's baseball game, so he started flipping out, and when I called my sister Poco she didn't answer my phone call. I then text her "I am going to the hospital." She wrote back, "awww" because she thought I was lying. It wasn't until my mother called her that she started freaking out and packed her bags to make the trip down to Houston as well. Finally Walt's mom saw that he called her like a billion times and his parents and brother made the trip to Houston too.
So, Sarah came over to watch Eloise and get her ready to go to Miss Jasmin's the next day (thank you from the bottom of my heart, Sarah) and Walt and I ventured to the hospital. It was so funny....there I was three hours earlier all frustrated because I wouldn't be "surprised" and now here I was going to the hospital...so fun!
We checked in, and it was go time.
I wanted to make sure that my doctor would be there to deliver Emerson, so I held off as long as possible before getting an epidural. Finally at 6:45 a.m. my water broke and I was 10 cm dilated. I called my mom and sister, and Walt called his mom, to tell them that if they wanted to see the birth, they had about 30 minutes to get up to the hospital.
Everyone made it, and 3 contractions later, Emerson was born! It was a breeze. I think I actually said after it was over that I was ready to have another baby. Haha...I think we might wait a while only so I can NOT be pregnant. :)
This time around it was soooo much better. Dr. Peterson was with us when Eloise was born and she knew how much my heart broke when she was taken away from us. She made sure that she hand picked the nurses (and the cookies didn't hurt either, ALL the nurses were extremely nice and helpful...totally recommend doing something for them, for those of you that are pregnant), and Emerson NEVER left our sight, except for an hour to be put under the heater. It was beyond perfect. I will always be thankful to Dr. Peterson for that.
What a blessing and wonderful experience.
Emerson Caskey Bass
Emmy C
was born on Tuesday, April 19th, 2011
at 7:34 a.m.
She weighed 6 pounds 1 oz
and was 19 inches long
Walt was even told that he could help deliver her...He was so excited...

Seeing our beautiful baby for the first time

So happy and beyond blessed

We were ecstatic that we had a cheering section this time! Thank you for making the drive! We know it was a long and LATE night for you!!
sweet baby

Pops so excited that he is able to see his second grandbaby

We LOVE Dr. Peterson!!

Already on the phone calling all his friends

Proud Aunt Poco
She now has 1 nephew and 3 nieces!!

Lalee is already in love....

Pops is thinking that granddaughters are the best!
He will have 3 by JULY!!

Uncle Tucker...so happy to be holding his niece
and also
happy to be missing school!!

precious gift

our sweet sign that hung on our door

Of course "Uncle" Brett came to see Emerson! He left on his lunch break! How thankful we are for him!!

Daddy/daughter time

Eloise came up to the hospital after her time at Miss Jasmin's. She has been SOOO great! She is gentle with Emerson and it is so cute to hear her say, "Hi Baby"

Had to get a picture with the big sister

Two of my teammates stopped by after a long day of creating sub plans for me and getting all my stuff in order. I left them at a horrible time, TAKS test is this week..and these two girls have saved my hiney!! I wasn't technically supposed to be gone until Thursday...so THANK YOU SO MUCH GIRLS! They have truly been my saving grace.
Sarah and Emily with little Emmy

Gambi and her 4th grandchild

Lalee and Pops just smitten
Remember last time they didn't even get to see Eloise in the hospital
so this was a NEW experience for them!!
So thankful!
Eloise talking to her sister

Momma checked in on Monday night and we went home on Wednesday night
Here she is in her going home outfit...we also wore this outfit on Easter Sunday.

So, we have been home since Wednesday and honestly, things have been great. I really hope I don't jinx myself. I am lucky enough that Eloise is still going to Miss Jasmin's until school is out. We had both girls Friday-Sunday together and everything was perfect. Emerson is already on a very good schedule. She is eating 2 oz. every 4 hours...and from what we have learned about her so far she is a very low key baby. She cries when she is hungry, but other than that, she is very calm. I think she takes after her momma. haha.
She has been great about sleeping at night. I honestly have gotten a lot of sleep.
She stays awake for about an hour after she eats, which means she is usually up for about 6 hours total throughout the day. I pray that she stays this calm.
Of course my mom has been here, thankfully, and Walt's mom is coming up on Wednesday. I won't be by "myself" until next week.
Poco came back up to spend Easter with us, and we were very thankful for that.
Here is Emerson just checking out her new world. She doesn't quite know what to think of it just yet...but I know she will slowly find out just how much she is loved.

sleeping in her carseat...
she is so tiny
when we went to the doctor on Friday she weight 5 pounds 12 oz.
My little munchkin.
The infamous Patty B stopped by for a visit...he fell so in love he came back to have Easter brunch with us!

On Saturday we decided that we would let Eloise have her first ever pedicure!
Gambi painted her toes hot pink...look at those piggys...so cute!

Like I said, Eloise is so sweet with Emerson.
She loves to rock her

On Easter Sunday we had a wonderful brunch at our house. Poco, myself and Sarah fixed brunch for everyone and it was great.
I couldn't help feeling incredibly blessed.
I am so thankful that our Lord sent his only son to die on the cross for our sins.
Eloise woke up and had some presents from the Easter Bunny.
The Easter Bunny didn't quite think that our newest addition would be here yet, so unfortunately, he didn't come bearing gifts for our littlest one!
Here is Eloise with the toy her Aunt Poco got her.

going through her fun Easter basket.

Mmmm... that cookie is YUMMY!

Oh goodness, look who else made it into our Easter basket! This has to be the greatest Easter gift ever!!

Here we are getting ready for Easter brunch!

MMMM we made Pioneer Woman's baked french toast (OMG)
and her
Blueberry crumb cake (heaven in my mouth)
and we had a fabulous quiche that Sarah came up with, with her oh so good cheesecake..oh we were STUFFED!!!

Sweet Eloise in her Easter outfit

Aunt Poco with little Emmy in her precious outfit too!!
I'm biased, but I think she is beautiful!!

Gambi holding her Easter present!!
a new granddaughter!!

The new Bass family!!

While everyone ate...we had little sleeping beauty just dreaming away....

So thankful for Sarah...
what an amazing friend she has been to me.

Eloise decided she would help Gambi clean up the kitchen.

E has decided that she really likes to rock her sister in the swing.

Sarah and Nate with little Emerson

Eloise LOVES Aunt Poco
and I think the feeling is
mutual. :)

ohhh look at that hiney

and the belly

sweet baby

and we gave Emerson her first bath on Easter Sunday.
Oddly enough, she didn't cry until half way into it.
She smells so sweet and I've said it a thousand times, but we are so blessed.

More post to come soon!
Happy Monday!!