February 22, 2012

Bubbles, Balloons, & Breakfast

Happy Birthday Eloise Betty Bass
February 19, 2010

year one
year two
I officially have a 2 year old. I can't believe it. She's TWO.
and I can honestly say that these past 2 years have been the greatest of my life.
I have a little girl who is a big sister, who is potty trained (and at night), who has an expansive vocabulary, who loves unconditionally, who can light up a room...oh goodness, the list could go on and on. I know I'm biased, but Eloise Betty is pretty darn special.
After planning this birthday party, I completely understand why people hire photographers to photograph at the party.
I planned this party forever...and hardly took ANY good pictures.
I was quite depressed.
When Walt and I sat down to think about the theme of Eloise's birthday, we thought about all the things that she loves. She LOVES bubbles, balloons, and her favorite meal of the day is by far breakfast.
So...we obviously decided to do a bubbles and balloons theme (with bubble guppies, since this is her favorite show) and have breakfast.
Everything that could possibly go wrong about this party did.
I had to move the party to Sunday because of the rain that came on Saturday, but that was Eloise's actual birthday,I was sick, the balloon/bubble performer that we hired was a bit on the sketchy side...but the kids didn't seem to mind, the wind on the day of the party was horrendous, and it was probably the coldest day that we have had in quite sometime.
BUT...we had a birthday party and my little girl was happy..so that is all that mattered.
Now, I apologize in advance...LOTS of pictures...I know I said I didn't take many, but what I meant was I didn't take many of the actual set up...of course I was snapping pictures of all the kiddos, but the actual set up...can't quite say I got good pictures of that.
But...lesson learned..I mean, I do have a ONE YEAR party to throw in OH 2 MONTHS!

I decided for Eloise's invitations that I would make them myself...I had quite the fun time doing this....and I think everyone really liked opening them up. Every invite was different!! That was 30 different invites!!

and I knew after looking on Pinterest and typing in bubbles and balloons and coming up with NOTHING...that I had to do this wreath for her table. I love the way this turned out...and I put it up the week of her birthday and will continue to put it out for everyone's birthday that lives in the Bass household!! This was also very fun to make!
trying to stay with the balloon theme...I whipped up these balloon centerpieces...
I also looked for this on pinterest...I found a picture similar, but with no instructions, so I had to figure out how to do this myself...these were probably my favorite thing of the entire party!
and once again trying to tie things into the theme...I had custom made outfits done for the girls. Since Eloise, Emerson and cousin Presley are all so obsessed with the Bubble Guppies...I knew that they needed to have an outfit made for the party.
Eloise's favorite is Deema...so she has the balloon and birthday hat.
The party was held at one of the local Cinco Ranch Park Pavilions.
I knew that I wanted the party to be close to a jungle gym, so the kids would be able to play and stay entertained. Although the pavilion wasn't the "prettiest" we tried to spruce it up as much as we could.

Here was the yogurt bar...behind the yogurt is the fruit and granola.

each kid had their own little cup of cereal to take with them.
I knew I needed "kid friendly" food, so they could run and play all at the same time.

Eloise's 2nd birthday cake.
I loved the balloon topper...but it sucked that it was so windy!

Eloise digging into her donut holes.
Eloise and her friend, Stella Mae
the little paper cones that the donut holes were placed in...very easy to take and run!
the fruit pizza bar

kolaches were served as well!!

the favors...
bubble wands with tags that said,
"thank you for popping by."
me and my assistant
i could NOT have pulled this off without her!
Poco came in on Friday and stayed up late with me both nights, she helped me set up, carted everything to the location, took down everything, kept refilling everyone's food and cups...
she was amazing!
Thankfully she agreed to help me out again for Emerson's birthday...
Miss Emerson and Lalee...
Emerson was so excited about all the yummy treats!!
Aunt Sarah and Eloise...
Sarah and Nate were also a huge help on the day of the party...
thank you for coming early to help me out!
the bubble machine!!
Emerson trying to show off her outfit!
Cameron with his balloon sword
My two babies in the midst of the bubbles
Eli loving the balloons
Sarah having a sword fight with the kids

happy girl
quite possibly my favorite picture of the entire day. She loved the fact that Aunt Poco put a balloon hat on her head!

Carson and his dog dog

Little Catherine made an appearance! SO great to see her and her momma!
the utensils...kind of out of order...sorry!!
present time!
Eloise giving Colton a hug...thanking him for his gift.
Eloise and her bff Carson helping her unwrap presents
balloon time!!
oh look...I got a flower, and Sarah had a wrist corsage
birthday girl, eating her birthday cake.
our longtime friend, Mary Ellen, came to the party! We used to go to the beach every year with Mary and her family and I was so glad that she made it out to Katy! It was like old times...
Mary Ellen, Me, Poco and Spencer
just missing our big sis!
Me and my sweet sister in law, Lauren!!
Aunt Poto and E
Brett...the baby whisperer
birthday kisses for the birthday girl
Daddy, E, and Lalee
Aunt Ashley and sweet cousin Presley
when Eloise got home she received her greatest present...a new kitchen!! She is IN LOVE with this...plays with it for hours every day!

Me and Gambi!!
kisses for her "bambi"
that's right, little emerson loves the kitchen too!!
hugs goodbye for Uncle Mac (Spencer)
Lalee and Pops with their grands...
I hope these girls start looking at the camera, soon!!
the cousins...just talking about girl stuff
Eloise letting them know it is "her" birthday
hehehe...sooo funny
I love you sister!
oh, but I love you too, cousin Presley!!
Lalee better watch out!! A house full of girls!!
and our family picture...horrible of me..
but I love how Eloise is looking at her little sister
and I can NOT end this post without letting you know that someone else celebrated a milestone.
Emerson turned 10 months on Sunday (Eloise's birthday)
So on Sunday, February 19th...I had a 2 year old and a 10 month old.
Emerson at 10 months you:
eat everything in sight.
drink 3-4 bottles a day
sleep for 2 hours in the morning and 2-3 hours in the afternoon
go down at 7:30 and sleep until 7:30
have TWO teeth!
are FINALLY saying Momma
crawling ALL over the place
have the most kissable lips
LOVE your momma
are still pretty petite
LOVE bubble guppies, bath time, doggies and your big sis
are quite possibly the "chillest" baby in the entire world.
Such a calm personality...and I love this about you.
We could all learn from you...to just not stress out about things and always remain calm.
You are the happiest, loveiest baby and I am completely smitten with you.
We are so honored to be your parents and can't wait to see what is all in store.
YOU are one special little girl...
I am INCREDIBLY blessed!

how do you feel now that you are almost ONE?
don't worry little girl...I feel the same way!