November 7, 2007

Our Halloween Hottie

I find it funny that every other blog I sneak into has pictures of Halloween with their children. Here I am, sitting at my computer so excited to post Halloween pictures of my dog. Yep, that's right, Gracie Mae has completely taken over our lives. I never in a million years thought that Walt would be so obsessed with one thing, well, other than being obsessed with me of course, but he is. And I am so proud to post pictures of her from Halloween it is almost.....well...sad. Walt and I have only been married for almost a year and a half so we do like to think of Gracie as our child. For instance this past weekend his parents came into town because it was his dad's birthday. Well Walt's parents have a dog also, his name is Combo. Before Walt's parents showed up at the house Walt sat Gracie down on the bed and told her, and I quote, "Now Gracie when we go to lunch I don't want you up on the bed with Combo." And Walt was dead serious. I find it hilarious to listen to Walt talk to Gracie. If I even refer to her as something other than "our daughter" he is going to point out that Gracie is in fact just that. So how was our Halloween you might ask? It was great. Every child that came to the door fell in love with our little "hot dog", and to make things even more interesting Walt told the children that they could have her. Now if she is really "our daughter" why would he want to give her away?

Our little hot dog...Miss Gracie Mae