December 1, 2008

Why Can't It Be Christmas All Year Long?

What is it about CHRISTMAS? Don't you wish it could be Christmas all year long? I love this time of year... just wanted to share some pics of the house. Also wanted to let you know that my class is currently reading, The Family Under the Bridge. This is a story about a homeless family in Paris, France. It is a great Christmas read and you leave feeling so much compassion for the family. Today in class we discussed the issue of poverty and what we could do to help... we also have a tour of the Louvre, because that is where some of the story takes place. The forecast for my classroom tomorrow is snow... since of is snowing in the story!!! My kids were encouraged to bring hats, gloves, and scarves!! I will have to take some pictures for all of you to see!

This Christmas tree was a present from my homeroom class... the 4-4's. All of the big ornaments on here where created by the students. They each have their special ornament. What a great memory for me to have!

These little guys were purchased on sale from Pottery Barn kids last March... we're talking 75% off here baby!!
This is the wine rack... all decorated for good times during Christmas!!
Our kitchen table... with my Christmas China... given to me as a wedding present from Grandma!! I love taking them out every Christmas!
No presents under the tree yet.. but not to worry... the color scheme this year for all my presents is going to be green wrapping paper, (pretty green wrapping paper) with brown tulle bows!
The mantle!!


Emily said...

cute!!love all your decorations!

BabyGraham said...

You make me look terrible! I miss you!

Mc Allen said...

awww, you outdid yourself( and most of us too, heheheh) my girls would loveee that blue tree, its fab!! And my lil P loves utcrackers, im gonna try ad hunt some down!! love this post! LA