February 14, 2010

My husband....a man of NO surprises

Hopefully the last two pictures of me and my belly! Here I am at 39 weeks... I never in a million years thought my stomach could stretch this far....but it has! I got my haircut yesterday though, and the hairdresser made me feel really good. She is 5 months pregnant, and she said, "What are you about 6 months along?" I then laughed and said, "Girl, if this baby isn't here by Friday she is coming out then!" She couldn't believe that I was that far along, so of course, I tipped her a little bit more than normal. I am at that point where I feel FAT and UGLY! But...it's all worth it!

Does Walt give good presents? Point Blank...YES. Walt has always been a wonderful, thoughtful, gift giver....his only problem...he can't keep it a surprise. I have NEVER been given a gift on the day I was supposed to get the gift because Walt is like a 5 year old in the fact that he can't keep a secret. For example:
  • The night before our wedding, Walt pulled me aside in my grandparents garage and gave me my wedding day present then because he, "really wanted me to wear the diamond earrings to our rehearsal dinner that night." Did I love them? YES....did he give them to me a day early, so on my wedding day I got nothing....of course.
  • Right after Walt and I moved to Owasso we were in Dallas one day just browsing at birthstone rings. I mentioned to Walt that I loved the one in the window. Of course at that moment, he walked inside, purchased the ring and told me to think of it as a moving present.
  • The second Christmas that we were married I had been asking Walt for a new Louis Vuitton purse. Right before Thanksgiving a HUGE box arrived in the mail.... Walt, being the little kid that he is, could NOT wait to give it to me....so I received my Christmas present BEFORE Thanksgiving.
  • This year for Christmas Walt tried really hard to keep his present a secret... it was a Jon Hart Diaper Bag that I wanted....I wanted to play around with him for a little bit, so I kept bugging him about it. Finally on our way home for Christmas Walt couldn't take the suspense anymore and said to me, "Fine, this is what you got.... your lotion, the agenda that you wanted, and the Jon Hart Diaper bag." My mouth literally fell open because he just flat out told me my gifts.
  • And today....
  • Walt asked me what I wanted as a "push" present when Eloise arrives. I told him that I wanted something that had to do with her birthstone... which is an amethyst. We looked around at some things, and I knew I didn't want a ring because I already have a right hand ring. I knew that Walt had already purchased this present because he told me. I made him promise not to give it to me until the day she was born. Well, today Walt walked out to his car, and I knew it...I knew he was going to get my present. Of course, he came in, and said that it wasn't a Valentine's Day present, but he really wanted me to be able to have this present BEFORE Eloise was here.... he always has some reason...and then he surprised me with this:

It's beautiful and saying that I love it is an understatement. I've come to the realization that it is quite ok if Walt can't keep a surprise... I'm pretty blessed to have someone as thoughtful as Walt. What a wonderful gift to always remember my first little angel by.


Heather Patterson said...

It's ABSOLUTELY beautiful Meredith! Jarod got me a ring for Valentines this year that is Tucker's birthstone and he, like Walt, couldn't hold it any longer and I got it Friday night! Can't wait for your sweet bundle to get here! :)
Good Luck!!

Jordan said...

It's gorgeous! :-)

Shiloh Kantz said...

Wow....it is always nice to have a good man! Thinking of you this week. Grant and I have been talking about Baby Eloise this week. He keeps asking if she is here yet. Can't wait to hear the news. Sending happy, not a long labor thoughts to you from Tulsa.

Courtney said...

I am your newest follower! What a cute blog you have! Also, congrats on having a baby! :)

Lindsey said...

the necklace is gorgeous! can't wait to see pics of sweet eloise!

The Neaves' said...

So I know you are super busy right now, but I wanted to stop by and let you know I have given you an award on my blog:) Can't wait to see pics of your sweet girl!