April 28, 2010

Sip and See

This past weekend Walt, Eloise, Gracie and myself traveled back to North East Texas for Eloise's Sip and See. The weekend was wonderful and it was nice to go back home. Walt and I are so appreciative of all the love our family and friends have shown us. Eloise was the star of the party, and she had such great manners. She stayed awake the entire time, and then drifted off to sleep right as the guest left. I really enjoyed the Sip and See and we received so many wonderful things.

Beautiful plate that a friend painted for Eloise

The set up

Me, LaLee, Allison (it was held at her house) and Miss Eloise

The wonderful hostesses

Eloise's cousin Summer! Can't wait until they can play dress up together, she will get MANY great hints from her. She drove in from Dallas on Saturday morning, just for the shower...love you!

Some of the precious and yummy cookies

Keitha, Cousin Kelvey, Lou Lou and the main attraction

Proud daddy after the shower...coming to load up all the gifts..I think she looks more like her daddy every single day

What a fun shower

beautiful flower arrangements

After the shower we ventured down to Mt. Pleasant to see my Nana, Eloise's Super Nan.
Eloise was quite prepared to see her super nana and super poppy for the second time....she even wore her "I'm too cool" glasses....She was also so excited to see her Gambi...
Only in North East Texas do they post signs up like this a restaurants...gotta love it
and Randy's Burger and Fries wasn't too bad either.

Super Nana was so happy to see her great grand-daughter! When we went to change Eloise, Eloise just smiled at Nana and wouldn't take her eyes off of her for 25 minutes!! Eloise knows a good thing when she sees it...Nana is such a huge blessing in our family!

Happy Girl!

Saturday night, Walt, me and Tucker went over to cousin Summer's house. The boys played some football, and we ate dinner and watched the sunset....it was a perfect ending to a perfect day.

Sunday morning we skipped church, and went for a walk at Daingerfield State Park. We were able to take in God's beauty and just be together as a family. Here is Eloise with her hat on (it's still a little too big) in the car.

On our hike...

Walt and Tucker talking about "manly" things....

Miss Gracie lives for walks...she loved every single bit of it

at one point in time she figured if baby #2 could be picked up...then baby #1 should be picked up as well, right??!!


what a beautiful ending to our fabulous weekend...

Eloise loved it so much...she slept the WHOLE way home...(that's 5 hours) and then proceeded to SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT....
Now, she hasn't done it since, but we needed it Sunday night!!
What a precious little sleeper!


Cori said...

Looks like all had a good time. I love your dress...do you mind sharing what brand it is?