September 26, 2010

Weekend Fun!

Look at my sweet baby sitting up and ALL smiles!!

YES...I know I'm cute!

This past weekend Baylor played Rice, which meant that we had company in town.
LOVE when company comes to town...lots of good memories and tons of great friends.
Aunt Poco and Lauren got into town on Friday night. Walt let the girls go out to dinner and he stayed home with Miss Eloise and did all of the nightly duties.
I love it even more when my sister comes to town.
Saturday morning we got up, watched some College Game Day and just took it easy around the house.
Aunt Poco and Lauren playing with Eloise

Clap Eloise, Clap!!

For those of you who have seen Wicked
"Green Babies Rule!"

Saturday afternoon we ventured over to our friend's, Pat's house. While we were there we were able to finally see Uncle Preston, Sue and Matt, Pat and Tyler.
We hung out over there for a while before the Baylor game.
We watch Texas v. UCLA and just had fun hanging out.
(The pic is blurry,but) Uncle Preston playing peek-a-boo with Eloise

Eloise LOVES Uncle Preston,
how could you not??

watching the Texas game

It never fails, every time Matt gets around Eloise, she cries.
Eloise is not a crier, but she can throw a wall-eyed fight for Matt.
I was so happy to FINALLY catch Eloise in a good mood around Matt.

The classic Sue and Mer pic Eloise can't ever get enough of Sue

After we left Pat's house,
we headed over to our friend, Brett's house.
While we were there we were able to hang out with Brett, Corey and Ashley.
We all went to dinner at Dolce Vita down in Mid-town.
We had a fabulous night, and great food.
New Family Pic

Aunt Poco and Uncle Preston had to get in on the action with their niece Eloise!!

Ashley and Corey taking turns feeding Miss E

Clearly Eloise loves Corey's nose

After a long day with friends we FINALLY made it to the game.
Here are Aunt Poco and Eloise giving their best

and wouldn't you know the second we got there
we had a weather delay. Every time it lightening, we had to wait another 30 we waited....

and waited....

and waited some more....

then Eloise decided she would have her dinner with Aunt Poco
Thank goodness for Aunt Poco, always there to help, always coming to visit,
always taking time out to see her you!
Aunt Poco, Uncle Brett and Eloise....waiting on the rain, thunder and lightening to pass....

Preston and Walt anxious for the game to start back up....

Eloise said, "Forget this...I'm going to take a nap."
and that spot is a lot more comfier than mom's spot...

Uncle Preston thought Eloise had a great idea, and he took a little nap too.

the game FINALLY started back up.
We won... we are now 3-1 baby!
Walt and I ended up getting home around 11:15ish,
everyone else went out...and what fun they had.
We were able to hear all about it the next when everyone came over to watch the
Cowboys! another win there!!
We had a great, fun, eventful weekend...
Once everyone left...this is what Miss E did...

and she didn't wake up until 7:20 Monday morning! We wore her out!


Poco said...

Love hanging out with yall.. LOVE BEING A AUNT... and LOVE that we both share a LOVE for BAYLOR! :) Miss you guys already.. sorry about calling at 5:50 am.. I guess some things wont EVER change! :)