January 1, 2011


I think I can quite possibly say that this is the longest I have gone without blogging. Hey...it was the holidays, and we were gone for a week, and Walt has been off this entire time...so I have some fair excuses right? This could also quite possibly be the largest amount of pictures that I have uploaded at one time onto my blog. I decided I should update after I had two people (Sarah and Poco), hey at least I have two people who read the blog, right...ask my why I hadn't updated. So...here is a recap of my wonderful, exhausting, every day has been bliss, don't want school to start again, hate that the holidays are over, fantabulous break that the Bass family has had.

What a treat that Daddy Walt took off the entire time that I was off. Eloise always has so much fun with daddy. Here they are about to go to church.

Oh...we went to see Santa. While we were standing in line all of these cute little older women were coming up to me asking me where I got E's outfit, and commenting on just how beautiful she was. But...the second that she came in contact with the bearded guy..it was over. We had pictures professionally done...needless to say we don't have them yet. This was the best picture Walt could get. E was terrified! Hopefully next year will pan out differently, and little sister won't quite notice that Santa looks scarier than he really is.
Eloise turned 10 months old! Invitations have already been ordered for her ONE year birthday. I can hardly believe it. We have a night time regime where we brush our teeth after bathtime...well, Eloise LOVES to brush her teeth. All 4 of them...2 on bottom, one front tooth, and then one right beside it...we couldn't get her to take the toothbrush out of her mouth for the picture...so we decided it would be a great "memory" of the fact that she does have 4 teeth, and she LOVES to brush them. She's also a 20 pounder. I took her to the doctor the Friday that we got out of school because she had a runny nose and a horrid cough. Turns out she was recovering from an ear infection. Go figure. Mom of the year, right?! I guess we are just blessed with a sweet baby who doesn't cry when she is in pain. Thank you Lord, thank you.

The Bass family headed out for Dallas the first Saturday of our break. We stayed with Gambi for three days, and we were able to get all of our last minute shopping done. Eloise LOVED hanging out at Gambi's house and playing with some of momma's old toys.
On a side note...E likes to get up in the middle of the night for like an hour and play with some of the toys in her crib. It's actually very cute..she plays with them, and talks to them, and then eventually goes back to bed. Well... over the break when we stayed with my mom and Walt's family, E's crib is in our room. It took Eloise all but 5 minutes to figure out momma and daddy were in the same room as her, and the entire time we were out of town, she decided she would have playtime with us for about an hour every. single. night. It was lovely. It really was...so fun to play at like 3 in the morning, and then have her fall asleep in our bed. However, we are glad to be back on our regular routine. :)

On Sunday we went shopping at Northpark and we were able to meet up with Aunt Poco for lunch. It was Sunday Funday! I think we spent three hours in this restaurant because Walt and my mom LOVED the bottomless mimosas.

We wore her out!

On Tuesday we headed to Daingerfield to be with Walt's family for Christmas. It was great fun to be able to go home and stay for a while. Gracie always enjoys going home because she can run around in pasture and be the dog that she can't be here in the suburbs of Katy. Eloise loves going to D-field to see Lalee and Pops...and she LOVES to play with Lalee.
Here is Walt and Eloise before the Christmas eve service.
We stayed in the "cry room" during the service. We were in the room along with three other couples with babies. Eloise is infatuated with babies, and she definitely let them know she was in the house. She was just a talking up a storm. I know I am going to have that child that during parent teacher conferences the teacher will always start off with...Your child is an excellent student but....she seems to like to talk. Wonder where she gets that from?

Eloise then came home and put on her Christmas pjs. It was waaayyyy past her bedtime and she was tired, but she knew she had to get a pic by the tree, and leave out cookies and milk for Santa.

Lalee and E in their Christmas pjs.

Santa came and left a note!!

He even left some toys for Eloise...even though she was more interested in the paper. :)

Here is sweet E on Christmas morning playing with some of her toys.

Momma had to steal a kiss

Look at her cute pjs!
Looking out the window for Santa....

Watching the dancing dog...

Had a little morning snack...daddy did not want to participate in the "Christmas PJs" I think I might have to "enforce" this rule for next year with his TWO girls!

checking out the "phone" that Santa left
ok...she is checking out the box

Playing with her new kitchen...right now she has the ketchup in her mouth...
my kind of girl.

Pops showing Eloise what all the kitchen does...

playing with some more of her toys on Christmas day

this was Walt's favorite gift...
No, this is not a shirt for him..
it's a size 12 month, so both girls can eventually wear it.
Check it out, it even has his number from highschool.

oh gosh, and the back.
Walt was so proud.
I mean Daingerfield did just win their THIRD straight State championship in football.

pretty girl playing with toys.

so excited about all the toys...

she doesn't know what to do!!
We got a kitchen, a stroller, an octopus for the bath, an activity walker, some sort of activity thingy that hooks up to the dvd, a new teddy bear, some drums, tons of clothes, books, a new baby doll, a cellphone, a bubble popper, a corn popper, weebles little town...and I am sure I am leaving something else out. Thank you to all who bought our sweet girl presents! We've had a blast playing with all of them!

I sure do know how to train this one.
What did she want to do after Christmas lunch?
Why help out her Lalee with the dishes of course!

After 5 glorious days in Daingerfield, we packed up on Sunday and came back to Katy.
On Monday we cleaned out the bedroom where the new girl will soon be living.
On Tuesday Poco and Preston came in town because Baylor's bowl game was on Wednesday.
Tuesday night a bunch of us went to dinner, great time.
Wednesday was such an ugly day outside. Thank goodness we have a friend with a house in Houston, so we moved our tailgating there. Eloise was so great, we started tailgating at 12...by the time we got home from the game it was 10:30, and she had just fallen asleep.
Even though the Bears lost, what a neat experience. Can't wait for next year's season!
Me and Poco at Pat's house tailgating...

My tailgating partner for the 2010 season.
Love you Sue!!

Walt enjoying his day...
E wondering what he is drinking... :)

Two of my most favorite people ever

Look at E just hanging out with the boys.....

Had so much fun with my girlies

Walter dominating in the pingpong game. Hey..he had to show his little brother how it was done, right?!

more friends tailgating.

Eloise has decided that she loves windows... and she loves to LICK windows....

walking is not far behind, I am sure....

some of the guys

deep thoughts by preston.... :)

Oh my gosh was it not a pain to get into the game. It poured all day, ALL DAY.
When we parked at the game we had to walk for what seemed three miles, IN THE POURING RAIN! Thank goodness we kept E dry...but Walt and I were soaked...SOAKED....and lucky me decided to wear a white shirt...smart thinking Meredith. So, excuse my hair, but it clearly was not in any fashion to be seen down, after being wet.
E was starting to get realllllly tired here. She did not want her picture taken, but we had to show our love for the Bears.

My love. My life.

after all the fun on Wednesday, we decided that Thursday would be pajama and movie day. This was much needed. We did not get out of our pjs all day! It was great! On Friday we ventured out to the Galleria to do some shopping, and then came home and fixed a fabulous meal for New Years. Here is E while we were eating on Friday.

Here she is after momma did some shopping at Nordstrom.

We are sad to see our break come to an end;however, we are excited to see what 2011 has in store for us! We had a wonderful holiday and we are so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful family and friends.
Happy New Year!


JoDee Hale said...

Meredith, what a gorgeous family you have! Eloise is so, so adorable! And pregnancy really agrees with you because you look amazing! I'm happy y'all had such a great holiday... it's so fun to share it with a baby, isn't it? Next year will be even better! Two! :)

Shelley said...

Happy New Year! Your little gets more beautiful every time I check in. So happy for your precious, growing family.

*** I think we're practically neighbors now! ***

Rathi said...

E is too cute! Krishani has that same music table and loves it. I agree about planning their birthday parties.. coming too quickly!

Sue said...

Seriously? Is there anything cuter than Miss E?!! Love LOVE all her outfits! Best dressed baby EVER! Oh, and are you sure there's a baby girl in there cause I can't tell one bit! Watch out, Matt might get on to you again..ha. Loved getting to see you. Love you tons!

Jenette said...

Looks like a wonderful holiday with a super cute baby!! ADORABLE! Loved all of the Christmas outfits:) 2010 was a amazing for the Bass family. . .now 2011 brings a new member and more blessings:)! Can't wait to meet Miss E's little sister!