May 17, 2011

Fun times with Aunt Lauren and Uncle Spencer

Eloise loves it when Uncle Spencer and Aunt Lauren are you can see here.

Does life ever slow down? I have a funny feeling that the answer to this is, NO....and honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. Things seem to just get busier and busier...Aunt Lauren and Uncle Spencer came into town to see Eloise and meet their newest niece, Emerson, last week. We had such fun with them, and love when they come to visit. What help they were as well! Aunt Lauren even took some of the nighttime feedings so that I could sleep just a little..thank you Aunt Lauren!! We went to the pool so that Eloise could try out her swimming skills, but little did I know that we had our own personal swim instructor with us! Lauren used to teach swimming lessons, so she just took Eloise into the water and they took off!! I think we have a little fish on our hands...and I will be enrolling her in swimming lessons soon! It was so fun to watch them swim together, and Eloise just LOVES the water...and Aunt Lauren!!

omg, that tummy...i just want to give it a zerbert every time i see it!!

look at her it!

doggy paddle

wheeee...soo fun!!

thirsty after a hard day of swimming
Uncle Spencer was so great...he sat under the patio with little Emerson while we enjoyed some time in the pool. He is such a natural and will make a wonderful father some day. But for now...he is the best Uncle. :)

we then got all cleaned up and ready to go to dinner...daddy was even able to meet us there for some good ole' mexican food....

so thankful for my brother

the next day we got up and hung out around the house for a little while, then uncle spencer wanted to treat Miss E to some frozen yogurt...which she she is being a little stinker...

mmm...she loved Tutti Frutti's yogurt

and this is literally what E did once Spencer and Lauren left. She was pooped!!
Thank you so much for coming to visit...we can't wait for our visit!! xoxox

On Saturday the entire Bass Family got all dressed up to go to a going-away party for one of my dearest friends. Beth is someone that I have worked with for the past 2 years. Her family is moving to the Big Easy because Michael, her husband, took a job there. I will miss her so much!!
We had such a wonderful time at the craw fish boil and everything was so nice!! It was so great to be able to hang out with my girls!!
I can't remember the last time I actually got dressed up to go I felt pretty good about myself!!
I love this picture that Walt took of me and Miss E....I love how she is looking at me she just loves her momma so much!!

Me and Beth...
I Love You Rose...
and I will miss you more than you know!

you'll notice that my hand is on my hip in every. single. picture.
I was told that this makes you look skinnier...and hey,
right now...I need to look as skinny as I can...
don't judge.

Eloise LOVES her Sarah...
I think Sarah might love E just a little bit as well.

This girl was having a ball...
she was just walking around everywhere,
and talking up a storm.

Eloise and Carson were having so much fun with the ice.
Look at sweet E...she is sharing with her boyfriend.

The littlest attraction at the party...
what a pretty little girl...
so perfect.

me with the lady that planned it all!
MY Emily...I tell you what...I see some party planning in her future.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this girl.

Miss JoDee and me!
She doesn't know it yet...but one day we will be related..
Eloise was playing with her son in the picture above (Carson)
I would be totally ok with JoDee being Eloise's mother in law.... :) Personally, this is one HOT date.
love my babies' daddy.

It was 9:00 and we were headed home...
here was my sweet love, just hanging out...
ready to party even more!

Emerson had so much fun at the party...
when we got home, I asked her what she thought about it...
she said, "OH FUN!"

Sunday was spent with just the 5 of us..
We LOVE to go for walks...
but we have soon realized that if Eloise CAN'T walk Gracie she screams the entire time.
We even have a "fake" leash that we attach to our real leash so Eloise thinks she is walking her.
When she actually gets out and walks Gracie it is SO cute...but makes for a VERY long walk....

After taking 3 times as long as our walk should...we put Eloise in the stroller...
she did NOT like this...
She screamed and screamed...
and if you look closely sweet Emmy was tired of hearing her big sister she decided to cover her ears..
smart baby. takes after her momma.

and the one thing that I have really struggled with, with two kids..wait, 2 babies
is dinner time.
It never fails...they both get hungry at the same time and with Walt working extremely long hours it is i've let Eloise start experimenting with self feeding...haha
she LOVES it..I hate it, but what's a mom to do?
whatever works, right??

and someone turns ONE MONTH on Thursday!!! stay tuned!!!


Lindsey said...

ooohh the self feeding. hilarious! i always die laughing when campbell spits her food out/makes a huge mess (and i always get in trouble by Bryon for laughing and not disciplining her). it's just too cute!!

your girls are precious and you are one hot mama! love you mer!!

JoDee said...

What adorable pictures of Eloise in this post... I've laughed out loud several times! You're such a good mommy, Meredith! And you looked beautiful at the crawfish boil- as you do every time I see you!

kinsey said...

ditto on life not slowing down!! it isn't for us either...and i don't think it EVER WILL!! :-) your girls are too cute!