August 9, 2011

2nd post of the day

if you are reading my blog, it doesn't take long for you to see that i love my two little girls more than anything in the whole wide world.
i have always wanted to be a mother.
i remember MY mother getting magazines in the mail, when i was a kid, and i used to go through and look at the strollers and cribs and try to imagine what it would be like to be a mom.
i remember how it felt when i thought at one point in time that i might not ever get to be a mom.
i remember the moment i found out i was pregnant with both of my babies, i loved them unconditionally from the start.
i remember the second i felt both of my girls on my heart was literally beating out of my chest with the love that i had for them
unconditional love...that is what a parent has for their child.
i can't even begin to imagine how i ever lived without my two girls...
i can't even begin to imagine how i WOULD ever live without my two girls.
the joy, the love, the overwhelming sense of compassion that my girls bring life with them is complete.
they ARE my entire world.
i go to bed thinking about them, i wake up anxious to see their faces.

for sometime now i have been reading kara's blog.
although, i don't personally know kara....i have a lot of friends who do.
and kara and i have things in common
for one we are both mothers
two...we love our children with a love so strong and pure
and three...we love our alma mater...baylor

i will be honest...
i would check kara's blog every single night before bed.
i would cry.
tears streaming down my face...
tears streaming down because her and her husband wrote so beautifully about their sweet James.
i often wondered "how could they be so strong?"
but they were strong for James
tears streaming down my face because i cannot even begin to imagine what they are going through
and tears streaming down my face because i know how deeply they love their i love my two girls with a love that deep.

and i would pray...
i prayed to God that He would heal James and take away his pain...
and God did just that.
James is no longer in pain.
James is in heaven with our Heavenly Father

so...i am asking you, begging you...
in honor of sweet James
please do this one little thing
James is now a sweet angel in heaven...looking down and his momma and daddy
and James LOVED giraffes.
how ironic that a giraffe was born at the Dallas Zoo...the same zoo where James loved to spend time just several days after he went to be with Jesus.

You can help
by submitting this form to name the giraffe after James.
the giraffe is a little her name would be Jaime.
Please help, please let this little giraffe be a constant reminder of the
true joy that baby James brought to his parents' life...
and everyone else who knows him.

it only takes a second..


Becca said...

LOVE THIS! Of course, I followed their blog too with constant tears and prayers everyday. I can't wait to submit my form to name the giraffe JAMES. That is so cool!

Stephanie said...

So glad you did the same. I emailed a big time blogger about it, keeping my fingers crossed that she will post about it too. Xoxo, s

Shelley said...

Will do.

The DIckson Family 4 said...

Meredith, they actually live in my neighborhood, like 2 streets over from us. Their story is so sad. My girlfriends and I have prayed for them and cried right along with you. I don't know personally but wish I could do something to help ease her pain.

jen mccrady said...

thanks for the encouragement about sleeping! i hope my baby sleeps as well as yours do! :)

POco said...