June 20, 2012

Big week...big, big week.

Oh goodness...what a week these girls had.
What a week.
For starters, my little lovey..she is full on walking.
Yes, it only took her 5 days shy of being 14 months, but if you saw her now...one would never think that she "just" started walking.
I must admit...even though I wanted her to walk so badly so she could enjoy some of the things, her sister was doing...
a small piece of me died.
Dramatic, I know.
But, Oh so true.
Another big thing happened in our family.
She is now in a big girl bed. I had talked to Walt for a while about making the transition. If you know Eloise, you know how strong willed she is. She IS her father's child. I thought this was going to be a LOOOONG drawn out process.
You know, like the paci was, and like the bottle was.
But this...NOPE.
Took down the "crib" portion of her bed, and
Yes, I've peeked in on her like 15 times a day during her naps...
and yes, more drama...
another small part of my died along with that as well.
And...Big day Sunday...
Father's Day.
This year, Eloise gets it.
We practiced for an entire week.... "happy father's day, daddy."
We colored cards, we made daddy something, we even got up extra early to get daddy kolaches
mommy...oh, she was SO UPER DUPER nice...she MOWED the lawn for daddy.
She did this during NAP TIME.
She thinks she deserves wife of the year.. haha.
But of course, what did the husband say?
"Did you weed eat too?" "You know, it would really help me out if you did this next Friday."
gotta love him.
Both girls coloring daddy's card.
Eloise was so proud of the "mushrooms" that we made for daddy.
We got the idea out of family fun magazine.
We made mushrooms out of clay,
and put them on the lid of a tall container,
we then filled the containers with daddy's favorite candy.
And we made a card that said..
"daddy, we think you are a real "fungi!"
I thought it was quite hilarious.
And eloise and emerson LOVED throwing glitter all over the card.
Here is Eloise getting ready to go wake daddy up...
Emerson is on momma's hip. This is why she isn't in the picture.

Oh look, daddy is so happy to be woken up so early.
Look how into father's day, daddy is.
He is so excited.
All of his girls couldn't wait any longer.
the mushrooms E made..
yes, some look like sombreros...it was the best we could do.
she wanted the candy.
daddy is finally waking up a little bit.
Emerson is so proud of the dots she put on the mushrooms
Daddy telling Emerson, thank you.
Kissing his baby girl...
And Eloise insisted that Daddy give her a kiss on the cheek.
she's getting too big.

Then we got all dressed up for church.
Eloise is smitten by this man...
but she still won't smile at the camera...too shy.
and this one, had to take a picture with momma...
because we are still experiencing some separation anxiety, and she wanted nothing to do with daddy at this moment...
and she clearly wanted nothing to do with the nursery at church..
as the was about the 4th time in a row we have been paged out of church for her constant crying.
Oh little lovey.
Daddy with his girls...
the two reasons he was celebrated on this special day!!
and I said this was a Big week..
we had our first sleep over!!
The girls and I went to spend the night with my bestie, Sarah.
Her husband was out of town, and Walt was working late.
Eloise was SO excited...she couldn't contain herself ALL day.
all she wanted to do was take a bath in Aunt Sarah's tub, and use the rubber duckies..
and she wanted to build birthday cakes,
and have tea parties...
while Sarah and I were eating dinner, Eloise brought over her "pretend"
cookies, cake, crackers and ice cream.
Needless to say, we were full after dinner!! :)
Eloise couldn't wait to sleep in the bed with Momma and Aunt Sarah...She made sure to let me know she was going to sleep on Aunt Sarah's side.
We all laughed a lot.
and we ALL had a fabulous time loving on each other.
and it was nice to have girl time and just talk.
and it WILL be done again...SOON.
here is my big girl, in her precious sleeping bag.
She claimed she was ready to go night night, and would sleep until Aunt Sarah and momma went to bed, but...
she decided Aunt Sarah was a little more comfortable :)
and Emerson had the time of her life
can't you tell by this face?!!
How blessed our life is! And we are reminded of this every single day!!


JoDee said...

I am cracking up at Walt on Father's Day!! Hilarious (and sweet!) pictures of the girls waking him up!
I always love seeing what y'all are up to... adorable pictures as usual!
And I get how bittersweet those milestones are... every day my boys seem bigger and it is exciting and heartbreaking at the same time! They DO grow up too fast!!

The Morrows said...

How adorable! Love the Father's Day pics. Priceless.