July 30, 2012

Par"tee" anyone?

Crazy for me to think that my little brother is about to have a baby.
I know he really isn't that "little" and I never really did refer to him as my "little" brother only because:
a. he really has never been "smaller" than me.
b. he is only 13 months younger than me...so we are more like the same age.
But still...MY brother, about to be a daddy?!
But...what a great daddy he will be.
Turns out my little brother is going to give me a little nephew.
We are all so excited.
The girls on the "Wilson" side of the family were starting to add up.
Nephews: 1 Nieces: 3
so...Spencer so graciously is trying to even it up a little bit.
Well this weekend, we threw the parents to be a little par"tee", because yep...you guessed it, it was a golf theme.
If there is one thing I have learned about being a hostess it is this:
You never get the pictures you want.
WHY? because you are trying to be a hostess, and entertain...and keep food refilled...and in my case...I was chasing around 2 munchkins because their daddy was on another continent at that moment!!
However, the party was a success...and it was fun coming up with all the the little golf puns...
"club" sandwiches, fruit "par"faits, peanut "putter" cookies, "chips" and dip, donut "holes in one", "sliced" veggies, "tee"rific cupcakes, the "watering" hole...oh it was fun!!
Unfortunately though...I did not get the pictures that I wanted...
heck..I didn't even get a picture with the parents to be...I took the picture from their facebook page.
I didn't even get a picture with my sister...or my girls.
But it was a great shower, for wonderful, deserving parents.
I just can't wait for September to get here so I can spoil that little one!!!
The parents to be
Doesn't Lauren look amazing!!!
and my brother is pretty cute too!

Little Emerson is quite excited that she will no longer be the "littlest" one on the Wilson side!

She's a ham..

This picture is hilarious...I had just asked the girls his question...
"Where have all the donut holes gone?"
They looked up at me with these faces...
and with their mouths FULL of donut holes..
Sneaky little girls.

Thank you Aunt Lauren for letting the girls help you unwrap presents!!

Oh and they HAD to have a "tee"rific cupcake!
Why we chose BLUE icing I will never know!!
Guess I wasn't thinking about my girls :)
but thankfully I was smart enough to take off their outfits AND take them outside before they dug in!

Oh this is yummy

Eloise turned to Emerson and said, "cheers!"

I'm guessing someone really liked it!

Emmy C loves Uncle Spencer...
I think he looks pretty good holding a baby!!

and..back in the town of Katy...
it is so darn hot.
I can't stand this heat.
I let Eloise go outside during Emerson's morning nap to play with bubbles..
but it seems as though all we can do in the afternoons is go to the pool or stay inside.
I am ready for FALL.
and maybe football. :)


Sarah Z said...

super cute! This is Sadie's 3rd bday theme too and I have the same outfit headed here for my girls LOL! You have such a beautiful family and are so creative :)

Jenette said...

I LOVE the theme! Totally stealing this idea;)!!! Squeeze those sweet girls for us!