November 26, 2012

Let me take you back to August...

I have to back track a bit..back to August.
In August, I went on a weekend trip with my momma and sisters to New York.
I love New York...besides London, it is quite possibly one of my most favorite places on Earth.
Just everything about it....
the shows, the buildings, the shopping, the food...all the commotion. is wonderful.
So, for 3 days, I ventured to New York with my girlies and we had a blast.
It was my 30th birthday, but it was also just a great time to be together with the girls.
We arrived on Thursday afternoon, and quickly checked in to our hotel to get ready for our broadway show.
Here we are before the show...having a little girl bonding time over drinks. 
After the show, we went and had some late night sushi, and it was great.  The atmosphere was wonderful, and the conversation was just as fabulous.
 The next morning we got up and went to eat at Colicchio and Sons, and the food was AH-MAZING.
We did a whole lot of eating on this trip, but it was totally worth it.
Here are the sisters before eating lunch. 
Such fun times.
 Then it was on to do some shopping in SoHo...and of course we had to stop by at Dash...
Just wished maybe we could've seen the Kardashians...
We are our own version of Kardashian sisters...
 After some shopping and touring the city, we went back to our hotel room to change for dinner.
We ate at Ed's Lobster Bar.
Holy moly.
This place is a little hole in the wall with incredible food.
If you like seafood, this is your spot.
We had lobster, lobster bisque, lobster rolls, everything was top notch.
Heck, we liked it so much, we bought shirts!!

After dinner we ventured to a cute little pub for after-dinner drinks.
This is where I officially rang in my birthday.
My 30th birthday...maybe that's why I haven't posted pictures...
trying not to revisit the fact that I am 30.
 My birthday buddy!!
We've spent almost every birthday together!
 Hey!! I'm 30!!
love you!!!!
 The next day we went and did a lot of touristy stuff.
We had brunch at Markt Resturant, it was yummy as well.
My mom wanted a picture taken in front of the subway...
She got stuck several times, and wasted a little bit of money on her subway ticket because she kept getting she is ready to conquer the day and GET ON THAT SUBWAY!
 I had already been to the Empire State building, and although it had been some time since my mother's last trip, we decided to tour the Rainbow Room instead..definitely recommend this.

 and I even got to see the Empire State Building..

cheesy tourist pic!

 After touring the Rainbow room, making a stop at Magnolia Bakery (their banana pudding is TO DIE FOR)..we went back to the hotel, changed clothes, and went to The Met.
My mom was an art major in college, and LOVES this was right up her alley.
I wish we could've stayed longer, because she enjoyed it so much, but we had to make it up to the rooftop for drinks (highly suggest doing this as well) and then we had dinner reservations.
I LOVED being on the rooftop of The Met.
We were overlooking Central Park, and it was beautiful! It was so fun to be up on the roof, hanging out, acting like a local. haha!!
 Poco and I would move to NY in a second...if we could. :)
 Cheers! Love you momma!!
 We so felt like we were on Sex in the City..hahaha!!
 and then we finished off our trip with dinner at Serendipity 3...
and we were even able to see an old childhood friend.
We were so caught up in coversation, I forgot to take pictures!
What a wonderful, wonderful trip.
With so many amazing memories.


Momma said...

I am SOOOOO ready to go BACK!!!!