January 14, 2015

Beijing here we come

Ok, it's been awhile since my last post....alright, it's been forever.
I always wondered how people who blogged just all of a sudden stopped.
And then I became one of them.
I get it...life just gets to crazy and too hectic and the next thing you know, your blog has gone out the window.
I do feel like I have done a disservice to my youngest child. Eloise and Emerson have these precious blog books that my sister made for them...I documented every single month of their life...percentages, first smiles, first time they slept through the night.... poor Avanell.
Oh yes, that reminds me...we did add another girl into the mix. Avanell was born in May of 2014.
3 girls...sisters. What wonderful blessings.
And this takes me to why I am all of a sudden picking back up my blog.
Not just to another state....but to another country.
We are moving for Walt's job.
We move in less than 2 weeks.
My house is in a state of disarray...unlike anything I have ever seen before.
All I can keep thinking about is how I am moving to China.
I know, it will be a wonderful experience. But right now, right in the middle of what is about to take place...it's a lot.
God has shown me in more ways than one that He is here with us...that I need to cast all of my fears to Him, and He will take care of everything.
But man is it hard.
So...I've started my blog up again. Hopefully this will be a way to document our journey, to keep in touch with friends and family and to create another one of those precious blog books for Avanell....just 8 months late. :)


Mt. Marcy said...

So excited to follow you in this next journey!

Jenette said...

We are praying for the Bass girls and Walt. Looking forward to keeping up with your sweet family on your blog:)!