March 20, 2008

Game Day

It's game day in the Bass household and everyone is involved....and when I say everyone, I mean everyone. Gracie Mae received two new outfits this morning. Walt and I (ok, I decided) to pull out an old Baylor shirt and make Gracie two new outfits to root on the Baylor Bears. We are ready, but imagine Walt's disappointment when he realized that Oklahoma is going to be broadcasting Oral Robert's game and not Baylor's. We should have known that there weren't many Baylor fans living in this state... maybe that's what's wrong with it! But... we will be listening play by play on the internet and watching recaps on t.v. So... I can guess that this weekend will either be a wonderful weekend in the life of Walt, or a huge upset for Walter Bass. I'm hoping it's the first outcome! In the meantime....Sic'Em Bears!