March 18, 2008

We are all part Irish aren't we?

Happy St. Patty's Day everyone... a day late! Normally on St. Patty's Day the Leprechaun's come into my classroom and turn all the desks upside down, leave green glitter all over the desks and floor, and I constantly have to tell my students that no matter what the "rule" is there will be NO PINCHING in my classroom....not today. It is SPRING BREAK! Of course I had the bright idea to schedule a dentist appointment and 8:00 a.m. in the morning and Walt scheduled 2 crowns for him at 3:30, but the day ended up being great.
We met down at Fleet Feet for the St. Patty's Day Dash at 6:00. We were running with our great friends Emily and Adam Green. (Emily has been doing the running program with me) It was supposed to rain all day yesterday but it ended up just looking crummy all day, so that was a great thing for us, because our hair didn't get wet when we ran. We ended up completing the race (and we only stopped to walk for about 5 minutes) and then we went over to the Andale's and had dinner. We had green beer (and I never drink beer), I figured I could drink beer last night because it was "St. Patty's Day" and I am part Irish, right?, good Mexican food and great conversation. This St. Patty's Day was different because I didn't have to go to school the next day, so I could totally enjoy the festivities....we stayed out until 9 people! And let me tell you that's late for a Monday night! HA!

Walt and I drinking the "green beer" after our run

On another note, I am posting pictures of Nichole's Baby Shower. I was told that I couldn't take any pictures of her from the side, and even though I snuck one in, I am not going to post it on her behalf. I had shirts made for Me, Poco and Lauren that said "Auntie Meredith" and so on...and I had one made for my mother that said, "Gambi" (This is her name for her grand-dogs, so maybe it will stick for Jack) The baby shower was fun.... when we got there we wrote notes of encouragement on diapers for Nichole and Greg that they could read during their late night changings. Water bottles were provided, but the label was changed to "Jack", so of course I liked walking around telling everyone I was drinking my "Jack" right now, they had a little journal for everyone to write in letting Jack know how much we love him and his parents (cause personally I love his parents more than anything), and they played the "guess the baby food game", but only 3 people actually played because most of us didn't want to eat the baby food. Nichole had a "ship and shower" since she lives in North Carolina most of her presents were "shipped to her." I of course, didn't follow the rules, and brought everything to her at the shower. Now we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new nephew!
Lauren, Me and Poco with our Auntie shirts on!One of the onesies I got Nichole....I also got her one that said "Daddy's Caddy" and "Potty like a Rock Star!" She got tons of goodies from me and Poco!The Aunts with the soon to be momma! Doesn't she look so good!?!


Katie said...

those are cute shirts!! i want to see more of Nicole's belly!!

Amanda said...

love the shist so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

amanda said...

i meant to say shirts