April 29, 2008

Basketball, Burgers and Beer at the Bass'

I can honestly say that I think it takes about a year to get adjusted to living in a new city...no wait, it takes about a year to get adjusted to living in a new state. Walt and I moved to Tulsa almost 2 years ago (it will be 2 years Memorial Day) and it was extremely difficult for us to "branch out" and meet friends. After graduating from Baylor all of our friends moved to Dallas with us, so we constantly had a "connection" of friends. I think I found this the most difficult because Walt was gone all the time, and I was working at a school where I was the youngest one there by almost 10 years. But... 2 years have passed and Walt and I have made friendships that will be with us forever. On that note....
On Sunday, Walt had a couple of friends from work over for beer, burgers and basketball. It was fun! Walt grilled the burgers (and of course, I told all the guest that when Walt asked... his burgers were the best they had ever had!), he also made his "FAMOUS" guacamole, and I fixed banana pudding, and cool, creamy, chocolate cake, we had burgers and wine and we were just surrounded with good friends. My school friend, (who has now become one of my closest friends) came over also, so I wouldn't be the only "non-ConocoPhillips" person there.
What a difference a year makes! Walt and I are so blessed with everything that has been given to us. We have great friends, great jobs, and it's nice to know that when you don't know a single soul in the current town your living in...you WILL eventually fit in and find those amazing friends.
I didn't really take a whole lot of pics.. but here are the ones that I did take. (The one of me and Emily is NOT from this weekend, but I had to include her since she was there!)

Walt and Travis decided that they wanted to be "twinkies" for the day. They called each other on the phone and planned it. Don't let them tell you otherwise.

All these guys live the hard life of being an international auditor.. you know traveling the world because of work! It must be nice to be smart! Jamison, Ashley, and the Guidry's...Beth and Travis!

Walt and Brett watching the game. This is Walt's face when he doesn't want you to take a pictures because he knows he just messed up the picture. I like to call it his "constipation" face.

Matt and Travis posing for me while watching the game.

Me with our other housemate. Whenever Brett's in town he is always at the house, and that's the way we like it. Everyone else rang the doorbell..Brett just walked on in.

Me with my saving grace. I am so thankful I work with this girl! I love you more than anything!

The night was a success!