April 27, 2008

Read and Relax

School is finally back to the way it should be...FUN! Now that testing is over we can focus on learning and having fun in school....just the way I like it. My teammate and I decided that after the OCCT test we would give our students a reward... a day of reading and relaxation. My kids come to me for an hour and 45 minutes, then they go on to other classes. So the math/science teacher and I decided that they could read for the first 45 minutes of our class and then relax, play board games the last hour. I took some pictures of the kiddos. I have some really great close ups of some, but I'm not going to post those, because it is the internet! Yay to teaching finally being back to normal! (I want to add that in my last class we had an hour long UNO match going on, with NO WINNER! They tried to talk me into playing poker, but I had to tell them no!)


Lindsey said...

Yea for testing being over!! You seem like such a fun teacher!! I bet those kiddos love you.

Amanda said...

that was so much fun in third grade i miss you mer love