April 9, 2008

Mystery in the Bass household

So I woke up this morning and started my normal routine. I turned off my alarm, and hopped into the shower. I always close the doors that go into the bathroom because I don't want to wake up Walt before it is time for him to get up. My day seems to be going ok, I step out of the shower, dry off, put on some warm clothes and I then open up the doors leading into the bedroom. All of a sudden I let out a "OH!"
"What is it?" Walt asked. "Walt, why did you take down all of the pictures off of our shelf last night?" "Huh? I didn't do that." "Well, I didn't do that."
Last night Walt and I went to bed at the exact same time. But, this morning when I got up all of the pictures were taken off of our shelves and laid on the dresser in a stack of 3 from smallest to largest. Obviously one of us is sleep walking. What once looked like this:

Was now empty and bare. We have 3 white shelves and everything was off of them. How could you NOT wake up doing this in your sleep? So, annoyed with the mystery I tried to put the pictures back the way they were 8 hours before.
I then went along with my morning but at the same time I kept going through my head if I woke up last night. I remembered that I woke up at 12:30 because Gracie was crying because she needed to go outside. I being the nice wife that I am, woke Walt up and made him take her. He was so livid with me for interrupting his sleep. I remember him getting back into bed and kicking me, not a hard kick, just to say.. "Ha, you get this for waking me up." Then I remembered waking up at 4:35 because it was cold and I put more covers on me. As I am thinking about all of this Walt walks in the room and says, "Mer... where did Gracie tee tee last night?" I then looked at him and said, "Walt do you not remember getting mad at me because I made you take her out at 12:30?" "Not at all." I just stared at him thinking... man it is a good thing you don't room with people when you go on audits because no telling what you do!
I think I solved the mystery... Walt is the sleeping walking bandit... but WHY did he take down all of my pictures?


Katie said...

maybe he took down all of the pictures so he could try and rehang the shelves since he couldn't hang them the first time around. i about fell out of my chair when i read the part about him kicking you because i do that to rick all the time when i come back from taking darcy out.

Christy Hart said...

Hey! I came across your blog and I had to go back and read the whole thing. It was so great to read about your life! I miss my little yearbook staffers and Cheerleaders!
I Luv U, Christy McKaughan Hart