April 3, 2008

Ever get that feeling?

Have you ever gotten that feeling that you are SUPPOSED to live somewhere other than where you are living? I have... I think for me I am really honestly supposed to live in New York City. Although I have only visited twice, both being for less than a week, both times I have been there it's like I feel as if it is my home. I mean I know nothing in this world could ever compare to Owasso, Oklahoma, (please sense my sarcasm) but I think New York would come in a very close second.
While we were in New York we were able to see pretty much everything. (like anyone would expect any different from Walter.) Poco, Matt and I arrived early Friday morning and we decided we would definitley go to the Empire State Building and then we just kind of wandered around. I think we were just in awe of everything so it was good that we spent one day just wandering. Matt had never taken the subway and that was a fun experience and Poco of course, had never been to New York, so I was glad I was able to be there with her during her "first time."
Once Walt met up with us Friday night we went to this INCREDIBLE Mediterranian restuarant. The food was outstanding and the company was just as incredible. We then went next door to this hotel that had a club on the penthouse floor. We had an amazing view of times square from up there. That reminds me, I think I forgot to mention our hotel. We stayed at the "W" on Times Square and boy was it on "times square." The entire hotel was just top knotch (I just used a Walt phrase.) If we needed anything it was in our hands within a matter of seconds.
Saturday morning we met up with our friends from Baylor, Spencer and Hannah Elliot. Spencer works for JP Morgan and Hannah works for Forbes. We were so fortunate to have our own personal tour guides on a Saturday. If it wasn't for them we would not have been able to see as much as we did see, or get around as easily. We saw Rockefeller Center, Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty, went to the oldest pizza place in America, we were able to see a real New York apartment (with an amazing view), SoHo, Central Park..you name it we saw it!
After a total tourist day, Walt, Poco, Matt and I went to see Wicked. Talk about a breath-taking experience. I knew a little about the show before I went to see it, but now I am hooked. I have not stopped listening to the CD, I think I replay the scenes in my head 1,000 times a day! This was the most awesome broadway musical I have ever seen. How clever does one have to be to come up with the idea to give us the Witch's point of view...BEFORE Dorthoy showed up? This was by far the highlight of my trip and I would go back JUST to see this show. After Wicked we went to a little local bar and met up with Hannah and Spencer.
On Sunday we were sad it was time to go, but we took Poco to ChinaTown (you want, Coach, Vuttion, Prada? In a total Chinese voice) that was an experience in itself and then we hit up some of the shops.
It seems as though I always go to New York for short trips and I always wish it was longer. While we were there it was freezing, but it didn't matter... it was New York. I truly had the most amazing time and I can't wait to go back! We went with a fabulous couple and we are so excited to have a new set of traveling buddies. We LOVE New York!


kinsey said...

scott and i saw Wicked in chicago and LOVED it! i love new york too!

L&W said...

Wicked is THE BEST! I saw it 4 yrs ago with the original cast and it was so amazing. You HAVE to read the book now and then Son of a Witch which is the sequel. So good!