April 19, 2008

Oh the places we will go

This morning Gracie woke me up extra early (6:30) and I decided that I would update my myspace profile. I decided I was going to post pictures of all the places Walt and I have traveled to....well, almost all of them. Walt and I went to Europe for 6 weeks after we graduated college and unfortunately all of those pictures were NOT taken on a digital camera. Walt and I said when we left to go on our 6 week trip... that's 42 days/24 hours a day with someone, that we would either come back knowing that we were going to marry each other or just be friends. Obviously the first one worked out! :)
I knew before marrying Walt that he was the traveling man... I mean for goodness sakes we moved to Oklahoma so he could travel all around the world. Before I graduated college I had never been outside of the U.S. Since being with Walt I have traveled to the following places:

Banff and Calgary, Canada: Playa Del Carmen, Mexico: Jerez, Spain: Madrid, Spain: Barcelona, Spain: Rome, Italy: Florence, Italy: Venice, Italy: Bern, Switzerland: Interlaken, Switzerland: Munich, Germany: Salzburg, Austria: Vienna, Austria: Budapest, Hungary: Prague, Czech Republic: Berlin, Germany: Brataslavia, Slovakia: Cologne, Germany: Malmo, Sweden: Copenhagen, Denmark: Amsterdam, Netherlands: Brussels, Belgium: Paris, France: London, United Kingdom: Bangkok, Thailand: Phuket, Thailand: Siem Reap, Cambodia: Bled, Slovenia: Dubrovnik, Croatia: Ephesus, Turkey: and Santorini, Greece!

When we were in New York we told our friends that we wanted to see all of New York in one day... they laughed and then said, "Oh we forget this is the couple that saw 15 countries in 6 weeks in Europe!"

I think I can officially call myself a world traveler! I was just amazed at all the places Walt and I have been together and I thought I would share!