May 7, 2008

I know... I should start writing a book

I feel as if I bore people with my school stories, but considering the fact that my job is my life...I have tons of stories to tell!
Today we were reading Charlotte's Web, and we were reading the specific chapter where Templeton and Charlotte sneak into Wilbur's crate to accompany him to the County Fair. Well...when the "humans" walk over to the crate the geese tell Wilbur to "cheese it," so that no one knows anything is going on.
Of course I ask my students if they understand what "cheese it," means and everyone told me that they didn't.
So...I give the students a scenario
Suppose you are in your room with your friend and you and your friend are jumping on the bed...and you hear your mother come in so you sit down really fast. When you mother walks in you look at her with a big smile and say,"hey mom!" You were totally cheesing it because you didn't want your mother to know that you were doing something wrong.
I then have a student raise his hand and serious as all get out he says,
"Oh yes Mrs. Bass I understand, it was kind of like the time my mom walked into my room and I was kissing the pillow and making out with it, I threw it down really fast and started playing my Xbox.
I, of course, turned bright red and the entire class just starts dying laughing.....
Oh the things 3rd grade boys will say!