May 8, 2008

Show Dog

One would think as obsessed as the Bass' are with their precious Gracie Mae, they would comment on her more.
On Tuesday I took Gracie to get a much needed haircut from Petsmart. She is always so happy to go to Petsmart, but the second we walk into the grooming salon, she is on to my trickery. They have to literally drag her on her leash to the back, because she will not leave me. As a mother of a dog, I of course, get all choked up everytime I leave her, and I feel that this is what it will be like when I drop my child off at day care for the 1st time or the 100th time for that matter.
I dropped Gracie off around 4 and I was told to pick her back up at 8. When I walked into the grooming salon to get her the groomer was cleaning up and Gracie was trotting around like she owned the place. The groomer told me she LOVES giving Gracie a haircut for two reasons:
1. She smiles. No, she really does... when she gets happy... she shows all her teeth and has the cutest smile ever.
2. She told me Gracie was like a show dog. When it was time for her to get groomed she just stood there so happy because she knows she is getting pretty. (well, prettier than what she already is.)
I walked away as a very proud parent. This lady had paid my dog a compliment and I would like to take credit for Gracie's great behavior. When the lady told me Gracie was like a show dog, I decided to take her home and see just how "showy" she was for the camera... here are her results after her shoot:

Here we have the standard full body shot. She is definitely working the camera here.

This was the "I need you to sit" pose. She was giving me the head tilt because I told her to act interested.

Another full body shot, just closer up.

And this is the "I'm sexy, look at me" pose.

Yep.. I think she is in fact, a show dog... takes after her daddy.


Mt. Marcy said...

little muffin! So pretty. ...but four hours seems like a long time for a haircut.

Momma said...

Oh gracie is so precious! I miss my sweet girl! love you!

AManda said...

she is so cute post more pictures