May 18, 2008

Our Sunday Ritual

Most families have a Sunday might be that after church you go to the exact same restaurant, or it could be that you always do something outdoors on Sunday (weather permitting)...maybe it is going to the movies or it could even be getting caught up on laundry. It seems as though the ritual in the Bass household on Sunday is to get Walt packed and take him to the airport. Yes...our family ritual, quite bluntly.... sucks.
Walt is off to Washington again...but only until Thursday. He comes home until the Sunday after Memorial Day, June 1st, and then is off to Alaska. After the Alaskan audit he only has THREE more until he is DONE for good! He has one in July, one in September and one at the end of November through December. We can officially say we are on the homestretch!
(listen to the first song on my blog.. the new Jason Mraz CD is awesome..and I think he wrote this song just for me! thanks Katie for recommending it!)


BabyGraham said...

Awwww Meredith! I am so sorry! You join in our ritual of laundry! We love you and miss you tons! Can't wait to see you!!!!