May 20, 2008

You played college softball?

Today I had one of my boys come into my room after school and ask me if I would go up to the baseball field with his team to "hit balls." Before I could get my response out, Mrs. Green (the kindergarten teacher) said, "Oh don't you know Mrs. Bass played in the Major Leagues? She was a professional!" "Really? I didn't know that," exclaimed Mr. Pielsticker. "Oh yea, I played for Baylor." "Wow!"
I totally thought he knew we were kidding.....I was wrong.
I gathered up my stuff, went and got a Diet Root Beer and went up to the baseball field. I of course, was greeted with, "MRS. BASS!" The boys were all so excited that I had showed up to watch them bat.
Then, I had the Coach... Mr. Pielsticker's dad come up to me and in front of ALL my parents say, "Mrs. Bass... grab a bat! We can't wait to play with you! You played college ball at Baylor.... I didn't know that! That's awesome!" I looked at him and said, "Coach Bill... you DO realize that whenever I played ANY sports I was the girl that was picked last." (No.. I am serious. In 7th grade we were required to play a sport and they had to come up with a "C" team for volleyball so that some of my friends and I could make up a dance routine and perform it at the "A" and "B" team games, because we were so bad.)
My little Pielsticker thought that we were being serious and that I had actually played softball for Baylor and even for the Major Leagues! Oh goodness how the sport profession would be so drastically changed if I actually HAD played softball. (Good thing mom only let me take dance and gymnastics.) Needless to say, I sat and watched the boys take turns batting and they were just as happy with that.