June 23, 2008

Needs Improvement

Well... Gracie went in today for her yearly check up and according to her veterinarian, Gracie....

Needs Improvement.
Does this mean that Walt and I are awful parents? I have really questioned this "needs improvement" and I am still going over the paper work as we speak.
How should I put this... Walt and I are slightly obsessed with Gracie..by slightly I mean that we go on vacations and sing songs about her, Walt takes a book I made for him every time he leaves and it is pictures of me and Gracie together, we always throw her a birthday party, WITH her own cake.. and we even take time to celebrate this even though her BIRTHDAY is on CHRISTMAS, (Hence the name Gracie Mae NOEL Bass...she's a Christmas Baby), Gracie has a house sitter when both of us are gone, if we cook chicken for dinner, by golly we are going to cook a 3rd piece of chicken so Gracie can have some, we won't stay in hotels unless they accept dogs...there isn't anything that Gracie doesn't get. So this whole "needs improvement" thing really threw us for a loop.
There were 12 different areas that Gracie needed to score excellent in and Gracie scored excellent in 10 out of 12 areas. So.. I got out my trusty teaching "easy grader" and compared it. If I had given a student a test and they score 10 out of 12 right, they would have made an 84, this is a solid B in my book and that frankly does NOT qualify for "needs improvement." Sure.. out of excellent, good, and needs improvement I would have marked "good," but NEEDS IMPROVEMENT.
Now, I am going to be like any normal mother would be and tell you what 2 things she scored poorly in......
The Mouth, Teeth and Gums area:
She has tartar and inflammation (sidenote, this is NOT uncommon in Yorkies... Yorkies are known to have some of the worst teeth)
Anal Sacs (Yes, I typed that)
They seemed to be full or hard.
Now this is the part I am mad about. When I took Gracie in this morning I SPECIFICALLY told them that she needed to have her anal glands squeezed (yes, I wrote that too in my blog)
So.. if I KNEW that this needed to be done, and I paid them $16.80 to do this.. WHY would you tell me that she is in poor health because of this? Wasn't I completely aware of this?
I would just like to say that on behalf of Walt and myself.. we take EXTREMELY good care of our dog and there is NO WAY that she "needs improvement." How could you tell me that this face right here is anything less than perfect? Personally, I think Walt and I are fabulous dog parents.

Seriously? THIS face "needs improvement?"
Gracie's 1st birthday cake.. see we go all out
Gracie's 2nd birthday cake that she shared with her cousin Riley and Aunt Phoebe


Padoodie's mom said...

Gracie is beyond excellent. Maybe you should get a second opinion. I am assuming you have her groomed and that is the job of the groomer. If they are not doing that, you need to get a new groomer!

Momma said...

Gambie loves her just the way she is!

kinsey said...

i would totally be stressing too if i were you (even though you don't need to!)...does gracie like chew toys? murphy always gets LOTS of compliments on his teeth at the vet, but i'm convinced it's because of one thing. his "ring." when he was tiny i found a teething ring made by Hartz and he LOVES it still. i think we've probably been through about 15 of them in his little 3 year life so far. anyway, it's like a pacifier for him. keeps him quiet and occupied when we don't want to play and he carries it everywhere. we even have one we leave at the lakehouse so i don't have to worry about forgetting his from home. yeah, think he's spoiled too??? ha! i'll give you the link to buy it if you think she'd like it! (i can't ever find it in stores anymore) just an idea!

Richard said...

did you get her 2nd birthday cake from three dog bakery?? peanut butter flavored?? b/c i think it is the same exact cake we got darcy for her 3rd birthday, and she ironically shared it with her cousin riley too. well i think gracie is perfect...anal sacs and all :)


Your Sisiter.. Poco said...

I am going to feel so sorry for Gracie when you have children.. She is going to go from this dog put on a pedestal to a dog.. Poor poor gracie.. Sorry Riley scored PERFECT-O!! Guess my dogs better..haha

kinsey said...

give me your email and i'll send you the info!

Jenny M said...

Hi Meredith! I came across your blog via Nat's blog. So fun! Love Gracie!- Jennifer Thornton Moreman

Geneva said...

How dare 'they' claim Gracie needs improvement!!!! All dogs are not the same - you can't just give them a grade - who are 'they' comparing her to? - next thing you know 'they' will want to retain her for being immature!!!Gracie is a beautiful Yorkie and deserves an A+ in my unbiased, independent opinion.
PS ~ When you get down toward the bottom of your summer reading, check out Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & the Olympians series. Book 1 is The Lighting Thief. It would make an awesome read aloud for fourth grade. There are four books out right now & at least one more to come!

Momma said...

Hey Sweetie! Chating with Poco at 2:00am! She wears me out!!!!!

Jaton said...

Gracie is too cute - no improvement needed!