June 19, 2008

Rain, rain go away.....

I can't believe that Tulsa has received SO much rain! The weather patterns in Oklahoma are crazy! We have received 36 inches of rain since the new year and this could be setting the stage for our wettest year since records began in 1895. The rain that fell on June 16th set a record for 24 hour rainfall on that date. The old record was 2.09" set in 2004 and we received 2.14". Gracie wouldn't even go outside to go to the bathroom the other day because our backyard was a swimming pool AND it was filled with mosquitos! Thank goodness Walt came home just in time to use some spray to kill the pesky bugs. I am sick of the rain and ready for it to go away. Although I am seriously considering investing in some
fashionable rain boots. Rain, rain.. GO AWAY!


Lindsey said...

That's a cool pic of the rain. Did you take it?