July 31, 2008

Is it already time?

I must say I've been completely blessed to have Walt home most of my summer. (ALMOST 2 whole MONTHS!) I can't believe it is already time for him to travel yet again. He will be leaving Monday, August 4th, for those of you that know me, you know this is MY BIRTHDAY....(insert sad face here.) He will be going to Houston, then Ponca City. I know it isn't an international assignment, but he will be venturing out on those in September (London) and October (Indonesia). I've just gotten so used to cooking every night and having him HOME. Gracie and I are so sad that he is getting ready to leave.......AGAIN. Guess we will have to make the weekend, extra wonderful! Come Monday morning, this is what I will wake up to....such a familiar sight.


BabyGraham said...

Come visit me and we will keep you company! :) Love you!

Geneva said...

I hope that you and Walt have an extra - Extra - EXTRA fun, fabulous weekend!