August 3, 2008

"I Love You Meredith"

Well Walt finally got me a birthday cake this year. You see, this is our 7th birthday together and after millions of hints, he finally listened to one of them and got me a birthday cake. (Well, he did get me a birthday cake last year, but I'm rather picky and I cannot stand white cake, and guess what?... the cake was white. So, I was really nice and ate my little piece, but after about a week of the cake sitting there, the cake went out in the trash. ) I know I am a brat when it comes to my birthday.

Now Walt totally went out of the way this year for a cake that I would not have even dreamed of. He got me a Rocky Road (cause that's my fav. ice cream) with Bananas (cause I love bananas in anything) CHOCOLATE Cake from COLD STONE! I can't wait to get my hands on it...when we celebrate my birthday tonight.
But here's the funny part....Walt told me the other day that he ordered my cake and he was so excited to tell me what it said...
he told them to put, "Happy Birthday Meredith, I love you," on the cake...
I just smiled and said, "Gosh that sounds like something you would write on a card."
"I shouldn't have put I love you, should I?" Walt replied.
Well today when he went to pick up the cake my "birthday" cake just said this......

Needless to say Walt was incredibly embarrassed as he paid for the cake! I thought it was hilarious only because of the previous conversation. Hey what better way to say "I love you," then on a rocky road with bananas chocolate cake from Cold Stone, right?


Geneva said...

Walt shouldn't be a bit embaressed. It should be a little tiny "Yeah, ME!" jumping up and down inside your chest when you think that he loves you enough to be distracted and change one birthday wish with the "I love You Meredith" message you really need to hear.

Go Walt!!!!



Momma said...

Sounds like he did good to me!

Jenny M said...

Happy birthday!!! That cake looks heavenly! Husbands are good things- esp. when they listen and do right!