September 14, 2008

Current Faves

Nothing new to report around the Bass household here. Gracie and I spent a very relaxing weekend around the house. We got up on Saturday and Sunday and went for a nice run, although today's run was much, much nicer... that cool weather is upon us! I stayed in Friday-Sunday...except for 2 brief to watch one of my student's play football and the 2nd outing was to get my hair did. I've cleaned, cooked, folded laundry and graded over 4 hours worth of papers. I've watched The Wedding Date, Failure to Launch, Wedding Crashers and the entire Second Season of Sex in the City. I needed a weekend like this....just chillaxing. However, while I was doing all this stuff around the house I stumbled upon some current faves of mine that I feel need a shout out:

I bought these at the grocery store Friday...yes, I've had them before and they are rather addicting...not the greatest food for you...but OH SO GOOD! Totally made my weekend!

I've been making a batch of black bean soup every Sunday since school started. I take this batch to work with me all week as my lunch. I've also become addicted to this. It is very healthy 150 calories in one cup and very satisfying. I bought this cardigan from jcrew in August and it is the most fabulous cardigan I own. Comfortable, adorable and something that every teacher needs. In fact, this is the cardigan I am wearing for picture day on Thursday!

I love the way that autumn smells. I am obsessed with it actually. So, when febreze came out with a limited edition scent called pumpkin harvest and fall, I bought two bottles and two air fresheners! I have one of each at the house and one at school. I spray constantly at school and the kids love the smell. I love spraying at home and looking at my fall makes me feel like fall is already here. (any of you parents that read my blog... if you would like to donate a bottle...feel free! haha STEPHANIE! love you!!)
Another fave is the Christian Radio Station Air 1. I listen to it in the morning on the way to school and it just puts me in a better mood. I also like to look at their verse of the day in the mornings. This radio station is also great because it is on satellite, which means NO COMMERCIALS! Here is the verse for today:
So let's not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don't give up. Galatians 6:9 NLT
My last thing on the list are the ponds clean sweep cleansing and make-up removing towelettes. I LOVE these things! I use them on my face before I go work out and after and when I need to remove make up. If I use this first and then wash my face I find that nothing is left on my face. These are little miracles!
*this post was done specifically for Katie... you know why...I had to post about all the great things in my life...just to get back at what you said! I LOVE YOU nokasheekalochaleeka!!


Yelda said...

Mer, first i love reading your blog, you are so funny and cute! but i am going to make a parent comment now, sorry, and yes everything in moderation is ok, but febreeze and many good smelling things can't be so healthy if overused, read here and decide for yourself..

The Bass Family said...

Oh Yelda... this is why I love you. I just spray before they come in, in the mornings and once more before my kids from p.e. come in the room. When I said I spray all day, I was kidding! Thank you for the insight though.

Yelda said...

:o) Well your probably the most organized, responsible teacher I know! and frebreeze is a lifesaver i am sure when it comes to kids and P.E! haha

Jennifer Moreman's Art said...

Oh I am so going after the new fall Febreze today! Thanks for sharing! I am so excited!!! I love fall!

Poco said...

In honor of you coming this weekend I have gone to Wal Mart and bought Wheat Thins.. ( your fav kind) they didnt have the febreeze spray however I bought the pumpkin harvest febreeze candle.. and I have washed the towels in "Tyler Diva" Just so you would feel at home.. Can't wait