September 22, 2008

Friday Night=Stud Saturday Night=Dud

This weekend I drove to Tejas for so much needed mother/sister bonding time. I spent the night at my sweet friend Emily's house Thursday night, so that Gracie and I could leave right after school on Friday. This way I wouldn't have to back track to Owasso. I ended up making it to Dallas around 7:45. Poco and I then went and ate at Mattito's, and I proceeded to order a Rumba Rita... now this wouldn't normally be a big deal, but considering the fact that I eat lunch at school, (excuse me, I should call it brunch) at 10:46... I was a little food deprived. Well, halfway through dinner I decided that I definitely needed another one. Goodness were they yummy!

After dinner Poco and I met up with some of her friends and went to Uptown Bar and Pub and then finished the night at The Loon. I consider myself a HUGE trooper for staying out until the bartenders turned on all the lights and told us it was time to leave. We got home around 2:15ish...and for me to stay out that late on any night, much less a Friday night was a huge accomplishment.
Saturday I got up and went to work with Poco (correction, Poco got up and then about 2 hours later, I drove my tired butt out there) While I was getting ready I realized that I could not find my keys anywhere. Turns out when I was getting my wallet out on Friday night, my keys, ipod and my keys to the school slipped out of my purse. Thank goodness that my description fit the keys that the nice employees picked up. My mother came over to Poco's and we then went to NorthPark to go shopping. Of course with my mother you spend ALL DAY at the mall, and walk away with nothing. My mother is the type of shopper who finds all these really cute clothes, puts them on hold, and then once we walk out of the mall she then proceeds to say something like, "Oh goodness, I really wish I would have gotten that shirt. Hey, I think those pants would have been really cute, should I go back and get them? Nah... it's ok... Ill get them another time." I love her to death, but she can't make a decision for the life of her... and unfortunately, this has rubbed off on me! We then came home and watched the UT/Rice game, ordered pizza and I was soundly drifting off to sleep around 10:30. Obviously I can no longer hang.... if I stay out late one night, the next night is shot.
Sunday morning me, mom and Poco went to Highland Park United Methodist Church...after church we went to eat at Mi Cocina. As we were walking out Poco said to us, "Gosh, I feel like everyone is staring at me." Come to find out they were.... Poco had on a gold dress... and she had on one black patent shoe, and one gold one. My mom thought people were staring because her daughter's were so beautiful (such a proud mom thing to say)but in all reality it was because Poco looked like an idiot!
I had such a fabulous weekend. I love spending time with my family and when I go to visit mom and Poco they always think of all the right things to do to make me miss Dallas even more!
Me and Poco

I always have to have a pic like this!


All the girls

Oh towards the end of the night... laughing about something we were discussing


Momma said...

I am so glad you came to visit! I too had a wonderful time and I am still laughing about the mismatched shoes!!!!!! Come back soon!! Much Love

Austin & Ashley Evans said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Austin and I are very excited. You and your husband look very familiar from Baylor. Loved reading up on your life - yall are too cute!

kinsey said...

what a fun weekend! and i'm SO with you about not being able to hang on a friday night! it's too long of a day...

Katie, Rick, Darcy, Hana and Piper said...

I wish you would have taken a picture of Poco's shoes! haha! You look pretty in all the pictures, my dear.

Poco said...

I had so much fun with you like always.. Thanks for making that BORING drive down 75 and coming to see me.. I always love bringing out the party animal in the grandma!! :) haha love love