September 7, 2008

Who ever said romance is dead, didn't marry my husband

For all of you wondering, Walt made it to London safely. On the way to the airport I asked him what type of food the airline serves Walt, since he rides first class, and the list of courses was amazing! Oh first they bring you a wine and cheese sampler, then they bring you a nice big salad, then you get like 5 main courses to choose from, but Walt always chooses steak, then at the end, (and this is Walt's favorite thing), they come around with Hagen-Daaz ice cream and a warm brownie and make you your own personal sundae. Of course, I had to ask him what was for breakfast, (being that breakfast is my favorite)...oh scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, cereal, yogurt. Man, no wonder Walt likes riding first class!

Before Walt got out of the car to go to London he told me that when I got home to look in his top dresser drawer because he left me a card and a treat for Gracie. (The day before I got home from school and he had gotten me a dozen roses.) It is a great feeling to know that your husband still thinks of the little things, I mean he had to pack, get his hair cut, pick up his clothes from the cleaner, secure a lawn man for a month (he just didn't think I needed to be mowing the lawn with me being back in school and all), do his laundry....he had a lot of things on his mind, but he still thought of his two loves.
I was so excited to get home and read the card, I think I might have hit 85 on the highway. Walt knows that I am a card lover and you MUST write something on the inside and it MUST be from the heart. Well, he definitely passed this test because by the time I was through reading, I was crying....because I KNOW he loves me and he would rather be here with me. Gracie doesn't like very many bones, but this bone that Walt picked out was a HIT....she ♥s it!
Romans 12:10 "Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other."
My card with Gracie's Bone
The inside of my card....
Gracie, getting after it!
She ♥s it!
My gorgeous flowers!
As for now, Gracie has turned back into a bodyguard, I'm going to be grading papers for the rest of the weekend, and we are going to be watching some movies on this rainy Sunday.
By the way, if you haven't noticed my blog got a makeover! My makeover is from Fabulous Kelly, she normally gives out a blog makeover once a month and I won this month! She is amazing!


Anonymous said...

I love the new blog design! Very Theta-y. The pictures of Gracie Mae with her bone are so precious. I love the bow.

The Marlows said...

Oh my gosh - I know what you mean!!! Since Matt and I are long distance - I love love love when I get a card and Matt is super good at the stuff he writes in it...So thoughtful your Walt and how cute Gracie Mae going at that bone!! I hope you enjoy your rainy sunday! Also, the new blog layout is super cute!