September 6, 2008

Woofstock 2008

Every September Tulsa has their very own "Woofstock" for dogs. It is held at the one of the local dog parks in Tulsa and you can go and adopt almost any kind of dog you can think of. I really had my mind set on adopting a dog and calling him "George," but Walt won that battle and we came home with only Gracie Mae. I seriously think if Gracie was given a playmate she wouldn't be so awkward around other dogs. I know this is totally my fault because I spoil her to the max and I believe that if she had a brother then she would adapt to other dogs and not be so snooty around other dogs. Don't you think Gracie Mae and George Henry would be so cute together?
Anyways, Gracie loved the dog park. She literally started running after all the dogs the second we got out of the car. I think every male dog at the park came up and sniffed Gracie and boy did she love it! I even think that I am starting to get my wish of fall coming to town... I started out wearing a sweatshirt this morning because it was rather chilly, but then it ended up warming up quickly. We had a great morning at the dog park!

Gracie SOOOO excited! Checking out one of the boxers...her name was Addy
That dog's name was Giant Samson Polar Bear (they call him Sam for short)
One of the many tents set up!
Look how happy Gray Gray is!


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