October 16, 2008

25 things

Since nothing new has been happening around the house....i've been very slow to blog. Walt leaves Sunday for Indonesia for 4 weeks and this weekend is Octoberfest, so I am sure I will have pictures and something to write about. Until then....just a little more of an insight into my life. Copied this from several friends' blogs. 25 things that I LOVE:

1. The cool weather. We slept with the windows down last night and I got to snuggle up in the covers!
2. Dinner and a movie night with my husband...which is tonight!
3. Pansies
4. Watching my students finally understand a concept
5. Hugs from my 75 babies
6. nonfat, sugar free vanilla chai latte with no water (umm...thanks Poco!)
7. sitting on my porch, drinking wine
8. Gracie kisses
9. laughing with Walt
10. The familar smell when I hug my mother
11. Christmas holidays
12. Jack Johnson
13. Babies
14. Being able to watch my weekly shows (thank goodness for TiVo!)
15. Listening to Air1
16. Queso
17. Playing rummy with all of my family
18. Freshly mowed grass
19. Shopping....specifically at Banana Republic and Anthropologie
20. The Baylor Bears
21. Seeing all my Texas friends (& my one Colorado friend...ha!)
22. Praying
23. Christmas shopping in Kansas City
24. Picking up Walt from the airport
25. My Family


BabyGraham said...

Awe... We love you too!

Jenny M said...

I'm so stealing this, and I am jealous of your fleece weather! :)

Katie, Rick, Darcy, Hana and Piper said...

why is there a ha after my name?