October 17, 2008

Fall Break?

I'm officially on fall break...but what is funny about this is that they give teachers ONE DAY off and they call this a break? I don't quite understand the concept here. But... I'm not going to gripe... I know that I get plenty of days off that other professions do not get. Walter decided that he would take today off also so we could be together. It's only 11:00, but the day has gotten off to a great start. We woke up this morning and went for a nice run...it was 36 degrees outside, then came home, drank our coffee on the porch and listened to the new Ray LaMontagne CD, Gossip in the Grain. If you love soul, mixed with a little jazz and blues, topped off with a raspy, yet sexy voice...this singer is for you. We have his other CD's...and this one is just as great.. if not better! I've added two of his new songs on my playlist. (over on the right) "You are the Best Thing," (my new favorite) and "Be Here Now" (amazing!) Walt and I are off to Wally World, then headed to Octoberfest...might I add that I will need to wear my NorthFace fleece, because it is supposed to get down to 40 tonight! YAY!
Drinking coffee on the porch...even got out my Halloween coffee mug!

Even on his day off...he can't stop working

Miss Gracie after her run

Gracie is exhausted!


kinsey said...

i love gracie's haircut. murph is shaggy and needs that "do" soon. lucky that you have the day off! enjoy your weekend with walt :-)

Poco Wilson said...

Work?? Ya right you can't fool me.. Walt was totally Facebook stalking!! hahaha love u guys. and You dont drink coffee?? who are you??