October 22, 2008

Can you figure out the equations?




ONLY 23 DAYS LEFT until my face is happy again like the one up top!
(first equation: walt+home=me happy)
(second equation: walt+Indonesia=me sad)


Momma said...

I know you miss him. Maybe this will be the last time he has to leave... (You kinda look like a monkey in the last photo! haha)

Katie, Rick, Darcy, Hana and Piper said...

you're cute. hopefully this is last trip away from you!

kinsey said...

sad!! you are so strong to make it so long without him...i think i would become a crazy person. or a drunk. same thing maybe?

Lindsey said...

hey meredith - it's lindsey mcfall. i happened on your blog while looking from baylor person to baylor person. you know how that goes in the worlk of blogging sometimes! anyways, i just wanted to say hello. you look great and so happy. my blog is armstrongfamily05.blogspot.com if you want to check it out sometime. it's mostly my daughter of course.
hope to hear from you soon.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know that Im thinking about you and that I love you so much. I cant wait to come home.